UNESCO and Vulog Partner to Develop Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool

Built Environment, Global, Transportation, April 23 2021

Vulog and UNESCO have announced their partnership to develop a “Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool,” a project that will focus on the impact that mobility and technology have on fostering inclusivity for vulnerable populations in cities across the world. Transportation and mobility at the forefront of conversations around smart, inclusive… Continue Reading »

Prototype Robodog from University of California, Berkeley Helps Persons with Visual Impairment Navigate Using Lasers

Americas, Misc., Transportation, April 14 2021

Person with Visual Impairment using a prototype robodog.

UNITED STATES: It looks like artificial intelligence and robotics might be on the verge of automating yet another job. A team of scientists from the University of California, Berkeley has developed a four-legged robodog to safely guide the visually impaired, a New Scientist report explains. In a study published March 26, the researchers showed that… Continue Reading »

Barcelona Metro Launches New Accessible Customer Service Centre

Europe, Transportation, March 31 2021

Punt TMB service centre in Sagrada Familia station

SPAIN: As of 15 March, there is a new citizen service centre (Punt TMB) operating in the lobby of the Sagrada Familia station of the Barcelona Metro. TMB, the operator company, described the new office addition as a pioneering in certain aspects. Among other things, it will be the first… Continue Reading »

Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles Needs to be More Accessible Says New Research

Europe, Transportation, March 22 2021

Charger connected to an electric car

UK: Recent research from RiDC (Research Institute for Disabled Consumers) shows that 61 per cent of disabled people would consider buying an electric vehicle only if charging was made more accessible. The online survey was commissioned by Urban Foresight, which says results show that only 25 per cent of non-EV drivers would agree to considering… Continue Reading »

Partnership to Enhance Accessible Transport in Maldives 

Asia-Pacific, Transportation, March 18 2021

The government of Japan pledged three Assistive Vehicles worth MVR 3,233, 065 (USD 209,667 and JPY 23,063,370) for Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities (MAPD) to enhance the mobility of people with disabilities. The grant contract under the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) scheme was signed on… Continue Reading »

UK: Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee Publishes Recommendations for Making Coach Travel More Accessible

Europe, Transportation, March 10 2021

File Image of a National Express Coach

UK: The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) has published a series of recommendations for making coach travel, like all other forms of public transport, more accessible to disabled people. In a UK Government report, the DPTAC stated that it was initially pleased that the Public Service Vehicle Access Regulations (PSVAR)… Continue Reading »

Poland: Train Stations Become More Accessible with Ramps and Signs in Braille

Europe, Transportation, March 9 2021

Photo of Polish Train Station

POLAND: The removal of architectural barriers, installing of lifts and ramps, signs in Braille and contrasting colours are just some of the solutions being adopted by Polish State Railways at train stations, to make them more accessible to all groups of travellers. The rebuilding of Kraków, Gdynia and Wrocław train stations… Continue Reading »

Seven New Accessible Vehicles Launched by Lime for Persons with Disabilities to Access Micromobility

Americas, Transportation, February 23 2021

Photo of the Lime Accessible Micromobility Vehicle

UNITED STATES: If you live in New York City and use a manual wheelchair, you may soon be able to use the Lime app to order a free rental of an attachment that turns it into a power vehicle. The design is one of seven adaptive vehicles the micromobility company… Continue Reading »

UK: Southeastern to Implement Additional Accessibility Measures under new Accessible Travel Policy

Europe, Transportation, February 22 2021

Person on a wheelchair getting down a train ramp

UK: A host of new measures that have been designed to improve the travel experience on Southeastern services for anyone who has a disability or mobility issue are being implemented during 2021, it has been announced. They are part of the operator’s new Accessible Travel Policy that is now available following approval by… Continue Reading »

Redesigned Wheelchair Offers Easier Storage in Aircrafts

Global, Transportation, February 18 2021

A rear view of the Revolve Air wheelchair, opened up

Back in 2018, we heard about a full-size foldable wheel known as the Revolve. Its inventor, Andrea Mocellin, has now incorporated the technology into a wheelchair that folds down to fit inside an airliner’s overhead baggage area. The wheel itself features a central hub, six folding aluminum structures that take the… Continue Reading »

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