Nearly 240 million Children with Disabilities Around the World, UNICEF’s Most Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Finds

NEW YORK: The number of children with disabilities globally is estimated at almost 240 million, according to a new UNICEF report. Children with disabilities are disadvantaged compared to children without disabilities on most measures of child well-being, the report says. “This new research confirms what we already knew: Children with disabilities face multiple and often compounding… Continue Reading »

International Disability Alliance Publishes Position Paper on Paper on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Climate Action

In recent years, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) has increased its strategic focus on enhancing inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in climate action. IDA has obtained provisional observance status to participate in the 26th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26), and is currently preparing its delegation… Continue Reading »

Mastercard Introduces Accessible Card Design

Mastercard has delivered a new design standard using a series of notches on the side of the card to help visually impaired people distinguish between a credit, debit or prepaid card. As more cards move to flat designs without embossed name and numbers, Mastercard’s Touch Card provides an effective way for visually impaired people to… Continue Reading »

New Report on Disability-Inclusive Peacebuilding: State of the Field and the Way Forward

Despite being an estimated 15 percent of the world’s population, people with disabilities are not routinely included in peacebuilding, which would benefit from their expertise and perspectives. Although efforts to include marginalized populations can help, the current deficits are too great to be remedied through general approaches. This report covers the state of the field,… Continue Reading »

Global Movement Aims To Improve Lives Of People With Disabilities

Multiple leading international organisations have united to launch WeThe15, which aspires to be the biggest ever human rights movement to represent the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities. Launched ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, WeThe15 aims to end discrimination towards persons with disabilities and act as a global movement publicly campaigning for disability… Continue Reading »

ISO Publishes First International Standard for Accessible Tourism

For the more than one billion people in the world who live with some kind of disability, travelling can be a challenging affair. Recognizing the importance of removing unnecessary barriers to tourism, ISO has published a standard to help the industry make travel accessible to everyone. ISO 21902, Tourism and related services – Accessible tourism for all – Requirements and recommendations, provides… Continue Reading »

Global Action Group Formed to Improve Transportation of Mobility Devices

GENEVA:  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the launch of a global Mobility Aids Action Group to examine and improve the transport journey of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, with the objective of improving the handling of this vital equipment for travelers with disabilities. The Action Group will be the first of its kind aimed at… Continue Reading »

CBM Report: Experiences of Persons with Disabilities in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh, Bolivia and Nigeria

CBM Global in partnership with the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities have launched three country reports highlighting in more depth the impact COVID-19 has had on persons with disabilities in Bangladesh, Bolivia and Nigeria. The reports aim to reflect country progress a year after the pandemic. The findings are framed within future policy and programming in the areas… Continue Reading »

UNESCO and Vulog Partner to Develop Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool

Vulog and UNESCO have announced their partnership to develop a “Smart and Inclusive Cities Tool,” a project that will focus on the impact that mobility and technology have on fostering inclusivity for vulnerable populations in cities across the world. Transportation and mobility at the forefront of conversations around smart, inclusive cities Transportation, fueled by the… Continue Reading »

New Report by WIPO Presents Technology Trends for 2021

Innovations aimed at helping people overcome mobility, sight and other disabilities have exploded in recent years, and are becoming ever more integrated in regular consumer goods, the United Nations said on March 23. More than one billion people worldwide currently need technology-based assistance to overcome a disability – a figure expected to double in the next decade… Continue Reading »