Seminar on Accessible Tourism for Tourist Boards and DMOs

Brussels, 16 to 17 May 2011. Organised by ENAT, this seminar aims to give added impetus to Tourist Boards and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) that are spearheading the development of accessible tourism, helping them to develop their business, role and reputation as sector leaders, regionally, nationally and internationally. The Seminar will be held at the… Continue Reading »

Technology helps visually impaired people to enjoy art

UK, Mar 26: THE Long Gallery at Nottingham Castle is crowded with fine art – but how do you make it appeal to visitors who can’t see the exhibits? This was the task for Artfully Sighted, a group of people with a range of visual impairments who are all involved with the Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind… Continue Reading »

Europeans target better web access for people with disabilities

Mar 17: For people around the world the Internet has become the first port of call for most information. However, researchers in Hungary believe that much of the information posted on the web does not meet the demands of users with disabilities. Writing in the International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelligence, the research team… Continue Reading »

Gadgets help blind people to be independent

UK, Mar 05:  BLIND and partially sighted people have been trying out technology that could change their lives forever. Action for Blind People held a special open day in Sunderland to introduce those with sight impairments to the latest gadgets which could help them lead a more independent life. The impressive array of devices proved… Continue Reading »

German iPhone app guides wheelchair users to find accessibility

BERLIN: Raul Krauthausen, who has used a wheelchair since childhood, has always been uncomfortable with the services Germany provides for physically disabled people, like special taxis and grocery delivery — saying they feel patronizing and further isolate him from the able-bodied world. So Krauthausen took matters into his own hands and launched, an iPhone… Continue Reading »