Assistive Technology

Teen develops goggles to help locate objects to people with vision disabilities

ITANAGAR:  Anang Tadar, a high school student of New Galaxy Academy, Arunachal Pradesh has invented a brilliant gadget called Goggle For Blind (G4B) for people who are blind or have low vision. This gadget will help people who are blind to identify objects in their surrounding without any physical contact. This will be done by… Continue Reading »

Connected Glasses Guiding People with Vision Disabilities

A service launched by technology firm Aira and AT&T allows people who are blind or have low vision to be guided by a remote operator through the images relayed by a pair of connected glasses. Service users speak to the operators who can help with tasks such as directions, reading labels and menus. Source: The… Continue Reading »

Tech-Guided Vocational School for People with Vision Disabilities Opens in Denver

DENVER, CO: Mike Hess is on a vision quest to help people who are blind or have low vision in Colorado and throughout the country to obtain the same employment opportunities as those who can see, though he cannot. Hess, the founder and executive director of the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT), along with Salesforce,… Continue Reading »

GAATES Participating at the Assistive Technology Conference in Sharjah

SHARJAH, UAE: The Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) is participating in International Conference on Assisitive Technology 2017 (AT TOPIA), March 9-11, in Sharjah, UAE to discuss Assistive Technology for persons with disabilities and older people and it’s future development based on their needs. This conference is organized by the Sharjah City for… Continue Reading »

Assistive Technology Conference AT TOPIA in Sharjah

SHARJAH, UAE: The Assistive Technology Conference AT TOPIA 2017, which will take place in Sharjah, UAE, March 9-11, 2017 at the Sharjah Expo Center, organized by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services. The coference will provide the opportunity to present latest international evidence-based practices in the field of assistive technology. The conference aims to raise awareness… Continue Reading »

BrailleSense Polaris – Virtual Braille Tablet Launched

AUSTIN, TEXAS: HIMS Inc. has just announced the release of BrailleSense Polaris, the first Virtual Braille Tablet for people who are blind or have low vision.  Polaris is the latest in the popular BrailleSense Notetaker family and features state-of-the-art hardware and software including Android’s Lollipop operating system and the name-sake Polaris Office Suite found on… Continue Reading »

Miami University reaches U.S. Department of Justice consent decree to improve technology access for students with disabilities

The Justice Department filed a proposed consent decree to resolve allegations that Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by using inaccessible classroom and other technologies. Under the consent decree, which is pending court approval, Miami University will make significant improvements to ensure that technologies across all its campuses are… Continue Reading »

Wearable artificial vision device shows promise in helping people with vision disabilities 'read'

CHICAGO: A unique wearable artificial vision device may help people who are legally blind “read” and recognize faces. It may also help these individuals accomplish everyday tasks with significantly greater ease than using traditional assistive reading devices, suggests a study presented today at AAO 2016, the 120th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.… Continue Reading »

Blappy, a new Bluetooth chat app for people with sensory disabilities

Blappy is a Smartphone application that enables fluid communication between people with visual and/or auditory disabilities. Voice messages can be changed into text and vice versa; in addition, high contrast images can be included, and the screen has a zoom feature. It is also compatible with the TalkBack accessibility service. To use the service, it… Continue Reading »