Israeli company to provide advanced bionic vision to blind people

JERUSALEM, Mar 07: An Israeli company will provide an advanced bionic vision device to help millions of blind people see the world. Herzilya-based Nano Retina is developing a prototype medical device, that “if all goes well” could be an answer to the prayers of people worldwide who suffer from impaired eyesight and blindness due to… Continue Reading »

Singapore aims to provide accessible digital content for people with disabilities

While we exploit technology and work on interoperability to share digital contents over multiple platforms, what we don’t realise is that we might inadvertently leave behind a group of individuals who may have difficulty accessing these digital content, said Chia Woon Yee, Director of Technology & Vocational Training at the Society for the Physically Disabled… Continue Reading »

Nectec in Thailand launches aid for deaf people

Mar 02: Deaf people will soon be able to access the services of call centres as easily as those with normal speech and hearing. In the next few months, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec) plans to set up a relay-call centre to help people with speech and hearing disabilities to reach both… Continue Reading »

Bangalore city not so friendly to disabled people

Bangalore, India, Mar 01: As it is, life is no cakewalk for disabled people, but even in a city like Bangalore, there is a severe dearth of basic facilities for disabled people. Be it bus stops, hospitals or malls, many of these seem to have been built overlooking the plight of these people. “There are… Continue Reading »

National Museum in India opens door to visually-impaired people

New Delhi, Feb 28:  The National Museum here has put in place a system to enable visually-impaired people to walk through and appreciate art — becoming the first museum in India to become accessible to visually-impaired people . The National Museum has installed monograms, signs and Braille inscriptions to make the objects blind-friendly. Besides, the… Continue Reading »

Japan Haneda Airport adopts universal design to facilities travelers with disabilities

Tokyo: Japan’s airports have been rapidly improving their buildings and facilities based on the concept of “universal design” as a wide variety of people, such as the elderly, parents with baby strollers and people using wheelchairs, pass through airports. Universal design refers to hardware and software considerations to enable anyone to safely and comfortably use… Continue Reading »