Administration seeks to ensure information is accessible for people with disabilities

US: The Obama administration is working to ensure that government information is accessible for people with disabilities, the White House announced in a statement last week. Accessibility is a critical element to protecting all Americans’ right to know, and the administration is right to seek to improve it. Specifically, the administration is drafting a strategic plan… Continue Reading »

Colleges and Universities renewing focus on closed captioning in US

US: The rapid growth of lecture capture and distance education in higher education is raising fresh concerns about accessibility, since it’s difficult-if not impossible-for hearing-impaired students to use these tools effectively. As a result, many colleges and universities are renewing their focus on closed captioning as a viable solution. While the impetus for closed captioning… Continue Reading »

NASA releases new braille book with tactile diagrams for blind readers

The book “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters” was created with the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) and features tactile diagrams of the lunar surface designed to educate blind people about the wonders of Earth’s moon, according to NASA. David Hurd, a space science professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, is the book’s author. He… Continue Reading »

Midnight Sun Assistive Technology Conference in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska: Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA) in collaboration with many statewide partners in government, education, independent living and vocational rehabilitation is proud to host the 3rd Biennial Midnight Sun Assistive Technology Conference from August 3 – 5, 2011 at the Dena’aina Convention Center. The Midnight Sun Assistive Technology Conference will provide the opportunity to… Continue Reading »

Better Life Mobility announces new advancements in mobility equipment for people with disabilities

San Diego: Not all mobility equipment is the same. Today, there are so many options when it comes to choosing high quality mobility equipment that not only fits the wheelchair user’s physical needs, but also their desired lifestyle. Mobility technology advances every year; if disabled people haven’t had a chance to check out the upgrades available to… Continue Reading »

Advocacy groups protest against lack of wheelchair-accessible taxis in Philadelphia

Advocacy groups demonstrated in front of the Philadelphia Convention Center Tuesday to protest the lack of wheelchair-accessible taxis in the city. Juliet Marsala, executive director of Disabled in Action of Pennsylvania, said she wants the city to set aside 50 taxi permits for ramp-equipped vans. Her group filed a lawsuit Tuesday, saying the Philadelphia Parking… Continue Reading »

Sensory Garden providing museum experience to blind people

Odessa, Texas: Vivid colors, detailed expression, history and creativity. Art museums offer a one-of-a-kind experience for those who walk through their doors, but what about those who can’t experience like others do? A local museum is sharing the world of art with those who are unable to see. Ellen noel art museum staff tell me… Continue Reading »

14th Annual Accessing Higher Ground Conference Registration Open

Disability Services at the University of Colorado at Boulder presents Accessing Higher Ground: Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference for Education, for Businesses, for Web and Media Designers, November 14 – 18, 2011. Accessing Higher Ground focuses on the implementation and benefits of Assistive Technology in the university and college setting for people with sensory,… Continue Reading »

MTA agrees to make Dyckman St. subway station accessible for disabled people

The MTA has agreed to make Manhattan’s Dyckman St. subway station accessible for disabled people in order to settle a federal lawsuit, the Daily News has learned. Advocates praised the MTA for “doing the right thing” by pledging to install an elevator at the elevated Inwood station so wheelchair users, the elderly and others with mobility disability can… Continue Reading »

Making D.C. housing accessible for people with disabilities

Nicholas A. Majett, director of the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), may be correct that the city has not issued building permits that violate accessibility standards “Housing discrimination lingers,” Metro, July 15. The question is: Which standards? In a 2005 fair-housing study, the Urban Institute reported that the District’s new multifamily buildings… Continue Reading »