Social support, assistive technologies improve quality of life for Farmers with Disabilities

UNITED STATES: Disabled farmers who have social support, assistive technology, motivation and family support are more likely to improve their quality of life, according to a study by AgrAbility. “The goal of our project is to help the farmers cope with the disabilities and the resulting limitations,” said Hamida Jinnah, program evaluation specialist at the Institute… Continue Reading »

G3ict Announces the DARE Academy Scholarship Fund. Apply now!

The DARE Academy Scholarship Fund is G3ict’s pilot program dedicated to opening new potentials for persons with disabilities who are interested in and passionate about advocating for digital accessibility and to get certified as professionals in the field. If you are interested in getting certified as an accessibility professional, you are welcome to benefit from… Continue Reading »

TravelAbility Forms Alliance with Miles to Develop “Herd Accessibility” Initiative

USA: TravelAbility is proud to announce that Miles Partnership, one of the pre-eminent strategic marketing agencies and web design firms in the travel industry, will become a partner on a variety of accessibility initiatives, including providing joint webinars, educational workshops, digital best practices, and research. Key to this partnership is the “Herd Accessibility” initiative, where the… Continue Reading »

Costa Rica: New Online Course to Focus on Accessible Tourism

Enjoying nature and attending events in hotels and restaurants in Guanacaste and the rest of the country is still a privilege that excludes people with disabilities. That’s why the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network teamed up with the State Distance University (UNED- Universidad Estatal a Distancia), the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT- Instituto Costarricense de Turismo)… Continue Reading »

Accessibility Standards Canada Releases 2020-2021 Annual Report

Accessibility Standards Canada is proud to release its second annual report, which recounts a year that saw real progress in advancing their mandate. The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, tabled the report in Parliament on June 18, 2021. The annual report provides a detailed account of the department’s accomplishments, engagement… Continue Reading »

California’s New Emergency System Aims to Make Beaches More Accessible

USA: Randy Dean’s passion project started three years ago out of a beat-up plastic suitcase. A strobe light screwed into a case, a 6-volt battery, a switch and Dean’s desire to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing evolved into the Beach Emergency Evacuation Lights System. On Friday, the Los Angeles County Department… Continue Reading »

Belgium: Plans to Make the Tram Network More Accessible 

Brussels public transport operator STIB announced its plans to improve the accessibility of its tram network for wheelchair users within the next ten years. The solution, created in consultation with the Collectif Accessibilité Wallonie Bruxelles (CAWaB), combines a raised platform with the insertion of rubber platform edges to fill the horizontal space between the platform… Continue Reading »

Intel and AI Developer Create Backpack That Helps Navigate Persons with Visual Impairment

US: What differentiates an animal from a machine are its mirror neurons, a set of neurons in an organism’s brain that is fired to perform a task based on the performance of self or others. Discovered in 1991, the research on mirror neurons is still going on, and the Giacomo Rizzolatti research group believes that these neurons… Continue Reading »

US: Study Reveals 42% of Older Persons Have Unmet Need for Assistive Bathing and Toileting Devices

US: “In an older population, the evidence for non-pharmacological interventions like home modification, occupational therapy and physical therapy is robust. They prevent falls, improve quality of life, and reduce hospitalization — with effects that are more meaningful than things like vitamin D or aspirin, even though that’s what we are typically trained to discuss in our… Continue Reading »

Prototype Robodog from University of California, Berkeley Helps Persons with Visual Impairment Navigate Using Lasers

UNITED STATES: It looks like artificial intelligence and robotics might be on the verge of automating yet another job. A team of scientists from the University of California, Berkeley has developed a four-legged robodog to safely guide the visually impaired, a New Scientist report explains. In a study published March 26, the researchers showed that their prototype pup can keep… Continue Reading »