Brazil: SMPED and CAU-SP Sign Partnership to Promote Architectural Accessibility

Americas, Built Environment, Universal Design, June 24 2022

The Municipal Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities (SMPED) and the Architecture and Urbanism Council of São Paulo (CAU-SP) signed a technical cooperation agreement last Tuesday (21) that establishes another partnership between the two bodies. The document provides for the dissemination of the concepts of accessibility and universal design among architects and urban planners in the city of São Paulo, in addition to promoting digital accessibility on the official pages of CAU-SP and/or CAU-BR.

The meeting that established the partnership was attended by the Municipal Secretary for Persons with Disabilities, Silvia Grecco, the President of CAU-SP, Catherine Otondo and the Counselor and Coordinator of the Temporary Accessibility Commission (CTA-CAU/SP), Maria Alice Gaiotto.

The cooperation agreement has a work plan with a schedule for the execution of goals that both parties will be carrying out until July 2024, but the partnership between the two bodies has been going on since 2018.

Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo

On the same day, SMPED celebrated another important partnership. The Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo (TRE-SP) signed a cooperation agreement that provides for capacity building, awareness and training on accessibility and inclusion for employees of the São Paulo Electoral Justice. One of the objectives is to guarantee, in the city of São Paulo, adequate conditions of accessibility for people with disabilities inside and outside the electoral period.

Secretary Silvia Grecco was present at the signing ceremony alongside the President of TRE-SP, Judge Paulo Sérgio Brant de Carvalho Galizia, the director general of TRE-SP, Dr. Cláucio Cristiano Abreu Corrêa and the municipal secretary of Justice, Eunice Prudente.

The partnership also establishes SMPED’s support through the Libras Intermediation Center (CIL) and other incentives in the area of ​​communicational accessibility in this year’s elections.

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