Jamaica: Work To Develop Three Codes Of Practice For Persons With Disabilities Completed

Americas, News, Transportation, Universal Design, September 22 2021

JAMAICA: Executive Director for the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities, Dr. Christine Hendricks, says work to develop three codes of practice, designed to safeguard persons with disabilities, has been completed.

Speaking recently on the JIS Television programme, ‘Get the Facts’, Dr. Hendricks explained that codes of practice are practical guidelines on how the society can accommodate persons with disabilities in the different areas addressing their rights.

“So far, we have completed the code of practice for employment, the code of practice for education and training, and the code of practice for health care and health facilities,” she informed.

Dr. Hendricks advised that the Council will, this year, be looking at the code of practice for public passenger vehicles, “just to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to transportation, which is essential for daily life.”

Codes of practice are necessary inputs for the implementation of the Disabilities Act, which was passed in Parliament in October 2014.

The legislation makes provisions to safeguard and enhance the welfare of persons with disabilities across Jamaica.

It also protects and promotes equal rights for the disabled, and prohibits discrimination against them.

Originally Published in Jamaica Information Service

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