New Taipei Builds Baseball Fields for Persons with Disabilities

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, November 22 2020

TAIWAN: The city of New Taipei will open Taiwan’s first baseball and softball fields designed for people with disabilities at a riverside park in Shulin District on Sunday (Nov. 22), according to a city official. The city built the accessible fields in Lujiaoxi riverside park to cater to the growing number of people who have visual impairments, use wheelchairs or have other disabilities who are playing baseball and softball, said Hsieh Chun-lung (謝俊隆), head of the city’s High Riverbank Construction Management Office, on Saturday.

According to Hsieh, the fields are only reserved for people with disabilities, who can gain access with the help of on-site security guards. They are not open to the general public. One of the fields built with artificial grass is designed for people with physical disabilities, while the other with natural grass is more suitable for people who are either visually or hearing impaired, Hsieh said.

The fields also have a parking area with bigger parking spaces, given that the wheelchairs used for games are larger than those commonly used in daily life, he said.

Originally Published on Taiwan News

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