G3ict-Smart Cities for All Country Representative Program: Update from Maldives, Syria

Built Environment, Global, Middle East, Misc., News, September 21 2020

1. Ahmed Irash, Maldives 

Building a ramp at the main beach in Male City, Maldives: There is a new initiative that will take place in Maldives which will be to build a ramp to the beach to increase accessibility for all including persons with disabilities and special needs, who use artificial beach for their therapies and rehabilitation.

Image of a beach with blue waters and blue skiesMaldives Associations of Persons with Disabilities and lot of other Civil Society Advocates have been working on this project for a while which is an initiative by Ministry of Youth Sports and Community Empowerment of Maldives




2. Nada Alksebati, Syria 

Launch of New Program at University of Damascus: The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education, in cooperation with the Syrian Organization for Persons with Disabilities Amal, and University of Damascus announced the opening 4 years program at the College of Health Sciences. The new academic programs are:

  • Psychomotor therapy
  • Communication sciences and disorders
  • Audiology
  • Occupational therapy

The graduating students will make a valuable contribution to persons with disabilities and participate in the improvement and promotion of their independency and productivity, both personally and locally. In addition, these programs will provide new job opportunities for graduates to be part at supportive community.


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