Greece: City of Athens Launches Project to Improve Accessibility 

Built Environment, Europe, News, May 18 2020

City Hall on Monday unveiled a 24-million-euro project to repair and maintain sidewalks across Athens with the aim of making the capital safer and more accessible for pedestrians.

Man with coat looking into the cameraAccording to City Hall’s statement, the project aims to fix and maintain 200,000 square meters of sidewalks over the next three years, using so-called “cool materials” which reflect solar radiation and lower temperatures.

The project also foresees the maintenance of existing wheelchair ramps and the creation of new ones in a bid to improve accessibility for the disabled in Athens, which lags many European capitals in this area.

Overall, according to Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis, the initiative aims to make sidewalks safe and accessible to all. “Because people with mobility problems have the same rights of unhindered access as everyone,” he said.

Originally Published on Ekathimerini

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