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Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, News, December 21 2018

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INTERNATIONAL: In their efforts to elevate human rights reporting for state and non-state actors around inclusive Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport or iPEPAS, UNESCO is undertaking international consultation around associated articles of the Human Rights treaties and suggested indicators in order to develop a range of reporting and advocacy tools.

Templates have been initialised from a synthesis of outputs in previous work by the Commonwealth Secretariat, UN agents, and others as referenced in the accompanying text.

They welcome and encourage you all to circulate the indicator templates to those whom you believe can give expert opinion for the perspective of state and non-state reporting.

The outcomes of this exercise will enable them to advance their research on this topic and prepare reporting templates as well as a briefing document for the committees on PEPAS and Human Rights Obligations and Reporting.

You may access the templates and make your submission using the following details:
Password: iKAPiKAP+
Deadline: Jan, 14th 2019

Source: UNESCO Chair Team, Institute of Technology Tralee

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