June 2018 Entrepreneurs Conference “From Start-up Nation to Impact Nation”

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Moshe Gaon, Founder and CEO of yoocan technologies Photo: Orel Cohen, Calcalist

Moshe Gaon, Founder and CEO of yoocan technologies Photo: Orel Cohen, Calcalist

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: The June 2018 Entrepreneurs Conference “From Start-up Nation to Impact Nation” featured a students’ Assistive Technologies competition where Moshe Gaon, Founder and CEO of yoocan technologies was invited to judge and shared his vision about impact investments and the social impact tech world.

“Social investment models have enormous economic potential, but there are still not enough investors who understand this. These are investments in corporate companies and foundations designed to do good through social change and have an economic return.” There is no tax or other benefits like philanthropy, so it’s hard to raise money. There’s also ignorance and a lack of understanding among investors and companies about the business potential. There is almost no government involvement or investment. It’s a hot space, but investors still have a dilemma about whether it’s business or not.”

Gaon emphasized that impact investment is not philanthropic and that start-ups in this space have great business potential. “Entrepreneurs and investors need the courage to invest in assistive technologies.” The online environment is not safe for children in general and for children with disabilities in particular, which is 20% of the world’s population. The market for accessible technologies in the US is estimated at $45 billion and is growing by 6 percent a year, so that’s the next thing and we have to be there. “

So far, the yoocan community has 180,000 members who can upload content. “My goal is to connect manufacturers to users and provide them with solutions by connecting investors to entrepreneurs. We seek great investors to join us in building yoocan as the leader in the community and our focused early stage hub.”

In the 2018 entrepreneurs competition organized by Amal and the Calcalist newspaper in Tel Aviv. Students from the Amal technology school network in Israel presented seven innovative social based startups created by the the high school students themselves:

  • a drone designed for emergency first aid service,
  • a brainwaves-operated drawing board for paralyzed children,
  • sonar based glasses for the blind,
  • a social location-based platform for volunteers to support people with special needs in the community,
  • an innovative artificial intelligence-based bracelet to monitor older people and
  • innovative eyeglasses for the hearing impaired offering a speech to text option on the glasses lens.

The winner of the student competition was the bracelet for older people. This is an innovative solution for security and communication.

In the last three years Israel has become a hot ecosystem for social and assistive technologies. Earlier this year yoocan announced its new Hub for accelerating early-stage companies in this area. Moshe explained “As an ecosystem leader, we intend to be at the forefront of helping and identifying the best technologies in this area”.

yoocan was established in July 2016 following the birth of Gaon’s nephew, Erez, who was born with a serious disability. The situation forced Gaon to understand the difficulty of a family coping with disabilities and suffering from loneliness and the difficulty in locating suitable products, services, solutions, and doctors. yoocan is now the leading global collaborative community and early stage hub technology for and by people with disabilities.

Feel free to contact Moshe (moshe@yoocantech.com) & explore the Yoocan website by clicking here.


Source: Yoocan

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