Internet for Everyone: How to Make a Website Accessible for People with Disabilities

ICT, Middle East, Universal Design, May 28 2018

Headshot of Equalweb CEO Adam Ikar

Equalweb CEO Adam Ikar

ISRAEL: Yit, which develops and maintains over 50 websites including Ynet, Calcalist, Bigdeal, Blazer, and Winwin among others, have made their clients’ websites accessible to all people with disabilities through a dedicated widget developed by Equalweb.

Every day most of the people in the world surf the Internet without thinking of accessibility, we enter, click and surf.  But, until not long ago people with disabilities could not enjoy these basic things, because the text was too small or too dark, there were no video captions, and more. Therefore, it was decided in Israel to make a law that would allow everyone to be an integral part of the use of the Internet – the law of accessibility to websites that enforces website owners to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities came into effect on October 25, 2017.

In order to be part of a company that cultivates and contributes to its entire population and community, Yit decided to use Equalweb to adapt all the websites of their clients to ensure accessibility.

“We see great importance in the issue of accessibility on the Internet and believe that the law is very vital and necessary,” said Avi Sheetrit, CEO of Yit. “We conducted multiple tests with the company’s programmers, who conducted an in-depth examination of the many accessibility systems available in the market, and after these tests we decided to buy the Equalweb system, to accommodate all our challenges to the accessibility regulations. “

Adam Ikar, Equalweb’s CEO, explained that the system developed by the company enables accessibility to any website in a comprehensive and qualitative manner, without interfering with the source code of the site, in a relatively fast time and keeping the site accessible for a long time. He added that working with Yit was a challenge because of the need to make accessible a large number of big and complex websites in a short period of time.

“We train and support the Yit development teams through our accessibility platform and a team of developers and accessibility experts of over 20 people who work together to implement this project for all the sites of the group.”

Written by Ynet, Israel News

Source: EqualWeb

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