Apple launches the iPhone X: Accessibility features known so far

Americas, ICT, News, September 25 2017

iPhone XApple recently announced three new phones at its launch event in California: iPhone X (pronounced X), iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The most talked about ever since is of course the iPhone X. The screen of the X will cover the entire front of the phone eliminating the ‘Home Button’ and instead will add the Face ID feature to unlock the phone.

It has stated that the facial recognition feature is much more secure than Touch ID and that the iPhone X relies on an infrared laser that projects thirty thousand points to create a 3D map of a facial structure.

There have been concerns about the accessibility features in this new phone and Apple has responded positively to these queries. It has claimed that for people who are blind, Face ID will prompt persons how to move their head during set up in order to complete the scan. There will also be an option to disable the feature of Face ID and enable VoiceOver instead.

The iPhone 8 has also changed it’s accessibility toggles to it’s side buttons. Users will now be able to turn the accessibility features on or off by triple clicking the side buttons.

While a lot of people are looking forward to the new phone and it’s interesting features, only time will tell how accessible and friendly the phone really is for persons with disabilities.

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