Armenian emergency ministry launches ‘911 SOS’ for persons with disabilities

Disaster, Europe, June 23 2017

YEREVAN: Armenia’s ministry of emergency situations has  launched a free mobile application “911 SOS,” designed specifically for people with disabilities. In a press release the ministry said the application operates on iOS  and Android operating systems and described it as the best way for people with disabilities who get in difficult situations to send alarm signals.

The application can be used also by citizens with hearing, vision disabilities or by those who can not  speak in an emergency. “To send a help signal they just need to touch the “SOS” button in the application, after which the signal will be recorded by the relevant service of the ministry,” the press release said. The application provides for feedback, which allows 911 operators to get more accurate and complete information about the incident in order to organize a proper response.

The “911 SOS” application also provides for an opportunity for all registered users to receive up-to-date information on registered incidents in a specific locality and necessary actions. Users of the application can also enter information about their state of health: the characteristics of the disease, the use of medicines, medical contra-indications and much more.

Source: arka

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