Vodafone Egypt Launches New App for Customers with Vision Disabilities

Africa, ICT, April 17 2017

CAIRO: Vodafone Egypt has launched a new mobile application called “E3rafli” for customers who are blind or have low vision, in an attempt to making its products and services inclusive for all customers.
person using the mobile app
The E3rafli app can recognize colors, identify the value of Vodafone cards and charge it. The app will enable its users with vision disabilities to recognize the denomination of the Egyptian currency and count it on the go.

The digital solution will enable its users to recognize the digital cashier when paying and read the taxi meter once you finish your trip. By directing your mobile camera towards the selected item.

Egypt has about four million people who are blind or have low vision, according to World Health Organization.

Vodafone Egypt first introduces the idea of its new digital solution in November 2016 during the Information and Communication technologies (ICT) conference held in Cairo.

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