Peru launches tech jobs network for persons with disabilities

Americas, January 20 2017

LIMA: Only two out of ten persons with disabilities get a job in Peru, hence the importance of alternatives to change such situation, such as the Network for Employability in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) aimed at this vulnerable sector and low-income women.

People with vision disabilities working in a call centre at Indian Association for the Blind in Madurai. (Photo:R. Ashok/The Hindu)The initiative is the result of a collective work produced by San Ignacio del Loyola University (USIL) and CISCO, which partnered to create the network and, therefore, support those with limited access to work opportunities.

This online platform will help employers hire persons with disabilities and disadvantaged women and introduce them into their work groups.

To Ana Ramirez Diaz, from USIL, the tough part was to find persons with disabilities. To that end, they visited institutions like Ann Sullivan to pick those technology enthusiasts and train them.

Beneficiaries have been trained since October last year. They attend classes delivered by USIL University Computer Engineering School graduates and Beca 18 students.

The first class, which comprises six persons with vision disabilities, will graduate by the end of January.

The initiative is intended to make more people access the services and join the labor market.

Source: andina

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