Apple Introduces New Website to Promote Accessibility Features

Americas, ICT, October 31 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a redesigned accessibility website and played a video focused on the features Apple products offer to persons with disabilities, sharing a heartwarming video of how Apple products can be used as an aid to help everybody to work, create, communicate, stay in shape, and be entertained.

Wheelchair user pushing herself Paulson starred in the video – but what Cook didn’t mention on stage was that she edited the whole thing, too. Paulson has cerebral palsy. She uses Apple’s accessibility tech like Switch Control to interact with her computers, iPhone and iPad.

“We believe that the technology should be accessible to everyone,” said Cook, adding, “We hope that this website becomes a great resource to people all around the world.”

The new website features various sections, themed around accessibility needs (vision, hearing, mobility and other disabilities) as well as for each one of Apple’s devices (Macbook, Apple Watch, iPhone, etc.). It also includes a section for learning needs and inclusive education.

View the new video below:

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