Australia to adopt new standard for ICT accessibility in procurement

Asia-Pacific, August 23 2016

Australia will adopt an internationally aligned standard for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility in procurement, Federal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann announced. This means greater accessibility for the more than four million Australians with disabilities.

Disability sign in place of enter keyThe Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services establishes a minimum standard to ensure that websites, software and digital devices are accessible for persons with disabilities.

The new standard ensures that all Australians can access information and use services electronically by public authorities and other public sector agencies during the procurement process.

The new standard can be used by all levels of government when determining technical specifications for the procurement of accessible ICT products and services.

This will provide a framework for developing and procuring a wide range of accessible ICT applications, products and services.

The Department of Finance, Standards Australia, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network and other stakeholders all came together to enable the alignment with the International Standard.

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