Google Launches Accessibility Scanner for Android App Developers

Americas, News, March 25 2016

Google has launched a tool that will help make Android developers apps more accessible for all users, including persons with disabilities.

Accessibility Scanner App Screenshot

The company’s new Accessibility Scanner looks at any Android app and will call out aspects of it that could be improved, particularly for users with disabilities. The app will even suggest ways you can alter things for the better.

Accessibility Scanner can suggest improvements to apps, such as enlarging small touch targets, changing the contrast, and more. While developers can use the app to find areas where their own applications need improvement, Google also encourages other people to use it to provide feedback to developers.

To use Accessibility Scanner, Just open the app you want to scan, then tap the Accessibility Scanner button to find items in the app that might benefit from accessibility improvements. You can use this app to suggest changes to developers or to make changes yourself.

Accessibility Scanner is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills. To begin using Accessibility Scanner:

  • Navigate to Settings > Accessibility
  • Locate and turn on Accessibility Scanner
  • In the app that you want to scan, tap the Accessibility Scanner button

You can download the Accessibility Scanner from the Google Play Store.

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