Brazil Passes Inclusion of People with Disabilities Act

Americas, June 12 2015

After having been first introduced to the Brazilian Senate in 2003 and after having been forwarded to the House of Representatives in 2006, yesterday the Brazilian Senate passed the Inclusion of People with Disabilities Act (SCD 4/2015).

RS Paradesporto, a Brazilian disability sport organization, said of this news, “Congratulations, Senator Romario, and to all who in any way contributed and supported the respect and right that come next! Together we are stronger! Forward movement of people with disabilities!”

The legislation includes more clear definitions as to who has a disability, and long term disability.  It also lays out quotas to better include people with disabilities in all parts of society by insuring them access.  Quotas include that at least 3% of public or publicly subsidized housing be available for people with disabilities, that 2% of parking spots be reserved for people with disabilities, that 10% of taxis be accessible, that 10% of taxi grants be reserved for people with disabilities, and that 5% of cars available for use by driving schools and car rental companies should be adapted for drivers with disabilities.  Companies hiring between 50 and 99 employees will have a quote for the percentage of people they hire with a disability being between 2 and 5%. Theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and stadiums will have to have dedicated, allocated seating for people with disabilities. Hotels will need to have 10% of their rooms being accessible. Companies will have three years to become fully compliant.

The law also requires the government to collect data related to people and services for people with disabilities, and that this data will be used for research for the formulation, management, monitoring and evaluation of public policies.

The bill, having passed the Senate unanimously, now goes to the President to be approved.

Source: Parasportnews

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