Google Launches Two New Chrome Accessibility Extensions

Americas, May 25 2015

Google recently released two new extensions for its Chrome browser, both aimed at helping persons with disabilities better interact with the Web.

Color Enhancer Screen ShotThe first extension Color Enhancer is designed for people who are color blind. It better distinguish between the shades of colors so that people can better surf the web. Once you install this extension you can adjust the color temperature. During the setup process you’re asked to pick the row of stars in a grid of stars look the faintest.

Google’s second extension, Animation Policy, allows you to adjust just how most animated images work in your browser. It will stop auto playing or loop playing animations on the web but don’t worry it won’t stop playing video on web. It stops only animation extensions, which are annoying a lot these days.

The extension provides you with controls to run animations only once or not at all. It is compatible with popular image animation formats but not video animations. The extension adds an icon to Chrome’s address bar that reveals the options when you click on it.

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