MouthStick Stylus makes touchscreen devices accessible for people with disabilities

Americas, April 26 2013

NASHVILLE, TN: Griffin Technology introducs the Griffin MouthStick Stylus. Engineered for people with motor disabilities, to provide manipulation of both touchscreens and buttons, Griffin’s MouthStick Stylus is designed to provide comfort, stability and control while being held in the mouth.

Griffin MouthStick Stylus expands the world of tablets, enabling touchscreen and button interaction for pople with motor disabilities. (Photo credit: Griffin)

Griffin MouthStick Stylus expands the world of tablets, enabling touchscreen and button interaction for people with motor disabilities. (Photo credit: Griffin)

“Everyone wants access to tablet technology,” says Melissa Lapsley, B2B Education & Assistive Technology Product Specialist at Griffin Technology. “With our MouthStick Stylus, we’re providing a customized tool that allows people with motor disabilities the ability to have complete control and access to modern-day technology.”

Compatible with touchscreen interfaces, laptop keyboards, and Apple’s Magic Trackpad, the Griffin MouthStick Stylus enables individuals lacking fine motor skills easy access and control to touch-technology. The well-balanced design allows the stick to be held comfortably in the mouth without causing strain or discomfort. Griffin’s MouthStick Stylus comprises four parts: the food-grade stainless steel mouthpiece, BPA- and latex-free silicone rubber mouthpiece sleeves, a conductive silicone rubber tip, and an adjustable aluminum gooseneck shaft.

In collaboration with physicians and people with physical disabilities, Griffin designed their mouthstick’s Y-shaped stainless steel mouthpiece so that people with limited or no use of their hands can enjoy the advantages of touchscreen devices. Griffin’s MouthStick Stylus allows a secure non-fatiguing grip that’s easy to maintain for long periods. The mouthpiece comes with three sets of non-latex sleeves that slip onto the wings of the mouthpiece and are removable for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Unlike other mouthsticks, Griffin’s MouthStick Stylus is customizable to the unique needs of each individual. Its adjustable aluminum gooseneck shaft can assume any angle for complete control of both touchscreens and keyboards. The well-balanced, 12 inch aluminum shaft enables the user to operate all devices at a comfortable distance without sacrificing visibility. The conductive silicone rubber tip works with all capacitive touchscreens, and the overall weight and balance allows users to replicate the common gestures required to control such devices.

The Griffin Mouthstick Stylus will be available in Q2 for $29.99 at

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