Thailand to issue New Banknotes with Braille

Asia-Pacific, March 29 2013

The Bank of Thailand will issue a new series of 20 baht banknotes with Braille, its 16th series, on April 1 2013, Ms. Tongurai Limpiti, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand, said on Wednesday.

New 20 Baht Banknote with Braille. (Photo credit: Bank of Thailand)

New 20 Baht Banknote with Braille. (Photo credit: Bank of Thailand)

The new design incorporates a range of new advanced counterfeit deterrent features to facilitate authentication by banknote sorting machines, vending machines and the general public, including people with vision disabilities.

The new banknote is still green, and the same size as the current series. The watermark depicting the portrait of the present King appears alongside the denominational electrotype reading 20, clearly visible when viewed against the light.

Aside from the raised print of letters and denomination numerals, two tactile marks in the shape of flowers with the color of dark green, representing the Braille symbol β€œ2” for people who are blind or low vision to identify the value.

β€œThe new series banknote can be exchanged at commercial banks. The existing and previous series still remain legal tender,” said Ms Tongurai.

By Aqeel Qureshi

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