Bangalore city not so friendly to disabled people

Asia-Pacific, March 1 2011

Bangalore, India, Mar 01: As it is, life is no cakewalk for disabled people, but even in a city like Bangalore, there is a severe dearth of basic facilities for disabled people. Be it bus stops, hospitals or malls, many of these seem to
have been built overlooking the plight of these people.

“There are some places, which are just not disabled-friendly. When there is no ramp or railing, what is a disabled person supposed to do?

Even entering these buildings is such a challenge for them,” said GN Nagaraj, convenor of Karnataka State Physically Disabled and Caretakers ’ Association. He cited the example of Vidhana Soudha and Vikas Soudha, where it is difficult for the disabled to enter. “For that matter, any multi-storey building is a pain for them,” he explained.

The problem lies in accessibility. People should be more conscious. He criticised the fact that the cricket stadium did not cater to the needs of the physically challenged. “There are many who would have lost a limb or eyesight to an accident. That doesn’t mean they should be deprived of a good cricket match.

When a stadium like Chinnaswamy is built, it’s a given that the ground will host thousands of people and it is inhuman not to make arrangements for disabled people,” said Nagaraj, adding that the matter should be immediately looked into.

Travelling in the city is another area where the disabled face many problems. “There are no railings in public places like bus stops. As if that wasn’t enough, many times, drivers and conductors are insensitive towards disabled people. They don’t even wait for the passenger to be seated before accelerating,” he added.

AL Janardhana, programme manager of the Association of People with Disability, said that though they have complained many times, no action has been taken. “There is no common sense in the way buildings are constructed. There needs to be better accessibility, for  disabled people.

Even when it comes to signals and sign boards, they don’t cater to disabled people. Hubli seems to be more disabled-friendly than Bangalore,” he said.


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