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Enhanced Vision Introduces New Wearable Low-Vision Technology at an Affordable Price

Americas, August 9 2017

Jordy and Controller Side By Side

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.: Enhanced Vision introduces Jordy, the latest in wearable low-vision technology that will revolutionize how those with low vision perform everyday tasks, such as reading mail, paying bills, watching TV and playing cards. Jordy helps individuals who are blind or have low vision regain their visual independence and… Continue Reading »

Workshop on Robotic-Mediated Behavior Intervention

Americas, August 8 2017

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The organizers of the First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Robotic-Mediated Behavior Intervention today announced that a workshop focused on robots and autism will be held on September 23, 2017 at UMASS Lowell’s New England Robot Evaluation and Validation Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. Autism incidence rates in the US have risen sharply… Continue Reading »

Conference on disability opens in Ghana

Africa, August 8 2017

KUMASHI, GHANA: A two-day international conference to identify effective ways to mainstream disability issues into the nation’s development agenda has opened in Kumasi. Hosted by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), it is discussing a wide range of issues – barriers to employment, healthcare, access to criminal… Continue Reading »

Moving Forward Together Towards Inclusive and Accessible Cities For All

Asia-Pacific, DIAUD Network, August 7 2017

On July 26th, the DIAUD network held the second of a series of virtual meetings intended to bring together diverse partners for the advancement of the inclusive cities in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The biweekly meetings were organized with a focus on preparing for the ninth meeting… Continue Reading »

New Android app lets people with vision disabilities in India listen to texts in local language

Asia-Pacific, August 7 2017

Read2Hear App Screenshot

Millions of people with vision disabilities in India may benefit from free, open-source software for Android devices that converts electronic text written in Indian languages into messages they can hear. The text-to-speech (TTS) software, developed by Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with the Hear2Read project, can now be downloaded free of charge… Continue Reading »

Persons with Disabilities Lack University Education in Namibia

Africa, August 7 2017

Wheelchair user

WINDHOEK: The National Federation of People with Disabilities in Namibia (NFPDN) wants the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to investigate why the majority of persons with disabilities do not complete their formal education and do not make it to university. Those worst affected are mainly people with hearing disabilities,… Continue Reading »

Number of people with vision disabilities to triple by 2050: Study

Europe, August 7 2017


New research from Anglia Ruskin University suggests by the middle of the century 115 million people worldwide could be blind, compared to 36 million people in 2015. Vision disability as a result of ageing is said to be one of the main contributors to rising eye-sight problems in our growing… Continue Reading »

China to raise public awareness on disability

Asia-Pacific, August 7 2017

Wheelchair user

BEIJING: Chinese authorities called for the raising of people’s awareness of disabilities ahead of the country’s first disability prevention day which falls on Aug. 25, according to an official circular. The circular, issued by 16 departments, including the China Disabled Person’s Federation (CDPF), aims to popularize disability knowledge and enable… Continue Reading »

Optimized360 Introduces ADApt, the Web Accessibility Engine for Medical Websites

Americas, August 7 2017

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF.: No one wants to get on the wrong side of the law and its regulations. Dentists and physicians rightly go to great lengths to stay compliant with federal, state and local guidelines to avoid government sanctions and lawsuits from patients. Increasingly, many businesses are finding themselves in… Continue Reading »

Tactile printing market poised for steady growth according to new research report

Americas, August 5 2017

Braille atlas map

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: According to a new market report published by Credence Research Inc “Tactile Printing Market Growth, Share, Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, and Forecast 2016 – 2025” the global tactile printing market was valued at US$ 1,250 Mn in 2016 and is expected to growth at a CAGR of 4.5%… Continue Reading »

UCL boosts recognition of and access to sign language

Europe, August 4 2017

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University College London (UCL), the only UK university with a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) requirement for all UK undergraduates, has set a precedent by recognising British Sign Language (BSL) as a ‘foreign’ language option – a move it hopes will increase awareness of and access to BSL. The call for… Continue Reading »

JICA assists to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities in Sudan

Africa, August 4 2017

Ramp with tactile warning strips and handrails

KHARTOUM: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with National Council for Persons with Disabilities conducts a seminar on “Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities” from 31st July to 3rd August 2017. The aim of this seminar is to improve accessibility for people with disabilities in Sudan to integrate people with… Continue Reading »

Coming face-to-face with disability could end supernatural myth-making in Africa

Africa, August 4 2017

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Many people in rural African communities still believe that disability is caused by supernatural forces, curses and as ‘punishment’ for wrongdoings – according to University of East Anglia research. The resultant stigma leaves people with disabilities vulnerable to neglect and abuse – with sexual abuse reported by 90 per cent… Continue Reading »

Website Accessibility Lawsuits Expected to Rise From Trump Administration

Americas, August 4 2017

Disability sign in place of enter key

PROVIDENCE, RI: Under the guidance of President Trump, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has deprioritized the monitoring and regulation of web accessibility standards. This is a striking about-face, given that the DOJ had promised earlier that it would promote increased web accessibility regulations as part of the legislation… Continue Reading »

University of Manitoba Begins Largest Built Environment Accessibility Audit

Americas, August 4 2017

Aligning with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and the University of Manitoba’s commitment to fostering and providing an accessible environment, the University will be embarking on a campus-wide audit of the built environment to identify accessibility barriers. This is in preparation for the fourth accessibility standard of the AMA, to be implemented… Continue Reading »

CTU to implement new technology to help people with hearing disabilities communicate

Americas, August 3 2017

smiling deaf woman talking using sign language on the smartphone's cam

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD: The Trinidad-based Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) says it is now close to implementing the Caribbean Video Assistance Service (CVAS), which enables people who are deaf to communicate directly via the free Personal Universal Communicator (PUC) application. It said the service, which also provides sight assistance for… Continue Reading »

China improves accessibility for persons with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, August 3 2017

Wheelchair user pushing himself

BEIJING: More than 5,600 examinees with disabilities submitted applications for supportive treatment in the gaokao, China’s college entrance exam, in 2017, according to the China Disabled Person’s Federation (CDPF). The supportive treatment includes giving access to braille or large-font exam papers to students with vision disabilities, and exempting students with… Continue Reading »

NEC Rolls Out Ballot Papers for Voters with Vision Disabilities

Africa, August 2 2017

RWANDA: For the first time, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) will issue specially designed ballot papers to facilitate voters with vision disabilities during the August 4 presidential election. Previously, voters with vision disabilities relied on aides or polling assistants to cast their vote. This, many observers say, was quite inconveniencing… Continue Reading »

State government to give free pre-recruitment coaching to persons with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, August 2 2017

BHUBANESWAR, INDIA: Buoyed by the success of a number of persons with disabilities in different competitive examinations from Odisha, the state government on Monday announced free pre-recruitment coaching facility for eligible candidates for recruitment in different posts. “The free Pre-recruitment Coaching for persons with disabilities will boost their representation in… Continue Reading »

Children with vision disabilities find new hope through music in China

Asia-Pacific, August 1 2017

BEIJING: Wuhan School for The Blind is the only school of its kind in Hubei province, central China. Not only does it cater to pupils who face enormous challenges because of their disabilities, but it is also proud to have a star teacher who has given new hope to the… Continue Reading »