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Four Industry Leaders Announce Shared Commitment to Accessible Customer Service

Americas, ICT, News, May 15 2019

A phone screen displays a list of companies providing Be My Eyes support, including Google, Herbal Essences, Lloyds Banking Group and Microsoft.

Four household names in technology, consumer goods, and banking are partnering with Be My Eyes to ensure the accessibility of their products. “Can you describe the issue?” says the customer service agent. Whether it’s software or shampoo, this is not always the easiest question to answer – particularly if you are… Continue Reading »

Beyond Braille Series Brings a New Visual Language to Children with Visual Impairment

Asia-Pacific, Universal Design, May 14 2019

Ranchhod Sees the World is the first ever inspirational illustration picture book for the visually impaired community.  Photo credit: beyondbraille.com

INDIA: It’s called Ranchhod Sees the World and it’s an illustration picture book about Ranchhod Soni, a visually impaired teacher in Gujarat, who has not disability come in the way of discovering new things. Bringing his story alive in a vivid and vibrant way for the first time is the Beyond Braille series which claims… Continue Reading »

Australia: Consultation Underway for The National Disability Strategy 2010-20

Asia-Pacific, Tourism, Universal Design, May 13 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.55.20 AM

Consultation is now underway for the The National Disability Strategy 2010-20. This is your opportunity to have your say on accessible tourism in the context of the wider National Disability Strategy. The National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 is about creating a more inclusive society that enables Australians with disability to fulfil their potential… Continue Reading »

SUDI 2019 – Sustainability and Disability Conference

Americas, Events, May 13 2019


Event details: Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 25 -26, 2019 Currently more than one billion people (15% of the global population) live with some form of disability. Aging, chronic health issues, and mental health disorders are major factors contributing to disability around the globe. These individuals are disproportionately disadvantaged globally in economic and… Continue Reading »

The First Jerusalem Conference of Accessibility in Ancient Cities of the World

Events, Middle East, May 13 2019


Event details: Jerusalem, Israel, September 8 – 10, 2019 The conference aims to share insights and experiences on the following topics: Accessibility in Cities of the Ancient World Personal Perspectives, Theory, Accessible Tourism for People with Disabilities, Residence in Ancient Cities, Innovation and Technological Support for Accessibility, and Public Policy… Continue Reading »

Musicians with Disabilities Being Failed by Venues

Built Environment, Europe, May 10 2019

lady wearing red glasses.

U.K.: Last year, Ruth Patterson’s band Holy Moly and the Crackers tried to book a tour of the UK. But one venue wrote back, refusing to host them because Patterson, who has arthritis and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, uses a wheelchair.   “They said they wouldn’t book us because I was a… Continue Reading »

Contacta Appointed as Charity’s Exclusive Assistive Hearing Supplier

Assistive Technology, Europe, May 9 2019


Contacta Systems has been assigned as the chosen supplier of assistive listening technology for the UK’s largest hearing loss charity, Action on Hearing Loss. The two-year initial partnership will see the Kent-based assistive tech firm respond to the thousands of enquiries the charity receives each year from individuals and businesses… Continue Reading »

Jean Vanier, Canadian Champion for Persons with disabilities Passes Away

Americas, News, May 8 2019

Jean Vanier, a Canadian religious figure whose charity work helped improve conditions for the developmentally disabled in multiple countries over the past half-century, has died at 90. A charity he founded, L’Arche, said Vanier died Tuesday in Paris after suffering from thyroid cancer. Pope Francis was informed of Vanier’s death and is… Continue Reading »

India’s First Inclusive Railway Station for Persons with Visual Impairment

Americas, May 6 2019


After collaborating with the Indian Railways to make Mysuru the first blind-friendly railway station in India, Anuprayaas, a Bengaluru-based social enterprise, is working towards making public transport in the country both inclusive and accessible. https://yourstory.com/socialstory/2019/05/india-first-railway-station-blind-disabledAll of us have the desire to travel, explore unknown destinations, and embark on expeditions. However,… Continue Reading »

Apps, Badges and 3D Rendering: Steps Being Taken to Improve Rail Accessibility

Europe, Transportation, April 29 2019

Map showing rail stations in England

In the not-too-distant past rail, the considerations afforded to passengers with mobility issues or those whom require special assistance can sometimes be found lacking. For obvious reasons, having to travel when negotiating steps, stairs and trains that the majority of the travelling public find straightforward can make the idea of… Continue Reading »

Lego Releases Braille Bricks to Impart Education to Children with Visual Impairment  

Europe, Universal Design, April 25 2019

Lego Braille Bricks will feature the Braille alphabet as well as numbers, math symbols and teaching devices.

Lego has unveiled a new project aimed at helping blind and visually impaired children learn Braille in a “playful and engaging way.” Lego Braille Bricks, a concept originally proposed to the toy company by two charities, will allow children to learn the touch writing system through play. The bricks, which… Continue Reading »

Organization in Kerala Works to Promote Accessibility in Eco-Friendly Destination

Tourism, April 23 2019

Thenmala Eco-tourism Promotion Society (Photo| Thenmala Eco-tourism website)

The Thenmala Eco-tourism Promotion Society is an effort to encourage the visually – impaired and hearing-impaired to visit Thenmala and make the state 100 per cent disabled-friendly. Away from the chaos of the city lies Thenmala, the eco-tourism destination which is also one of the first eco-tourism destinations to have… Continue Reading »

Qatar Opens Disabilities Rehab Center in Gaza

Middle East, News, April 23 2019

Khalifa al-Kuwari, director of the Qatar Fund for Development, cuts the ribbon during the opening ceremony [Adel Hana/AP]

Hamad Hospital, named after the former emir of Qatar, has 100 beds and helps people who lost their limbs in conflict. Qatar opened the first prosthetic hospital and a disability rehab centre in the Gaza Strip on Monday, overcoming obstacles that delayed the much-needed project in the besieged Palestinian enclave. Rafat… Continue Reading »

Tactile Model Makes a Stadium Accessible to Persons with Visual Impairment

Americas, April 19 2019

Maquette stade olympique aveugle

The Tower and the 1976 Olympic Games Olympic Stadium, a symbol of the city of Montreal in Québec, Canada, can now be explored with the fingertips. They have been reproduced as a tactile model for people with visual disabilities, thanks to a collaboration between the Olympic Park, Kéroul and Tactile… Continue Reading »

Using Assistive Technology to it’s full Potential for Children in Hospices

Assistive Technology, April 17 2019

Heavenly and mum Kellie with one of the Lifelites iPads

A UK charity recently welcomed children’s hospice staff from across the British Isles to a free conference to learn about the potential impacts of assistive technology on life-limited and disabled children. Lifelites donates and maintains assistive technology for children and young people in every children’s hospice across the British Isles.… Continue Reading »

New Accessible Travel Database Announced by German National Tourist Board

Europe, Tourism, April 15 2019

Young lady in a wheelchair on a wooden ramp

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – The German National Tourist Board has launched a new and comprehensive online database for BarrierFree (accessible) travel, the first of its kind to include a national labelling and “Accessibility Checked” identification seal. Entitled “Travel for All“, the database enables the user to search for a wide range… Continue Reading »

New Partnership Promotes Accessible Banking in Jordan

Built Environment, Middle East, April 11 2019

Recognizing the challenges persons with disabilities face throughout the various aspects of their lives, Bank al Etihad partnered with Accessible Jordan to minimize these obstacles starting from within the Bank – consequently promoting accessibility and ensuring inclusion for all clients, particularly those with physical disabilities. Under the mutual partnership, Accessible Jordan will extend a… Continue Reading »

UK-based Design Council Focuses on Accessible Home Innovation

Europe, Universal Design, April 10 2019

The Home Innovation Challenge

Now in its fifth year, Design Council Spark is putting a new focus on driving accessible home innovation; Design Council Spark: The Home Innovation Challenge is aiming to deliver major impact, both financially and socially, for people with reduced mobility or disabilities. In the UK, there are currently 14 million… Continue Reading »

Smart Transport Hub Helps Enhance Access to Public Transportation

Asia-Pacific, Transportation, April 9 2019

Matilda_Smart transport Hub in Adelaide

Matilda can accurately predict the arrival of autonomous shuttles to its location, based on the position of the vehicle, the speed at which it can move, and also based on the traffic conditions enroute. This helps people when they travel; they can make plans that are timed to the minute.… Continue Reading »

New Partnership to Provide Tailored, Accessible Holiday Packages

Tourism, April 8 2019


Handiscover announces its partnership with Travel-For-All, the Premiere Accessible Travel Agency in North America which provides tailored-made accessible holiday packages for people with disabilities or specific requirements. Travel-For-All specialises in tours to some of the most exotic destinations in the world such as Cuba and Africa, with full capacity to arrange accessible… Continue Reading »