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Japan Accessible Tourism Center launched website for tourist with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, August 10 2011

More and more people with disabilities or elderly people are travelling in Japan. There is plenty of accessibility information available in Japanese, but if you are a foreign tourist with disabilities wishing to visit Japan, very little information available related to accessibility, language is the barrier to find accessibility information for… Continue Reading »

Researchers developing new technology to help children with disabilities draw

Europe, August 10 2011

A team of researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London are working with charity Special Effect to use innovative technology to design a computer programme to allow children with disabilities to be able to explore their creativity. The novel technology developed at Royal Holloway uses an eye-tracker to find out… Continue Reading »

eDateAbility.com new dating website for people with disabilities

Americas, August 9 2011

Tampa, Florida: For most people, finding love is hard enough. Now imagine trying to do that when you’re in your house because of a disability. It’s a challenge millions of disabled people face every day. But a new website, founded by an Orlando woman, is trying to change that. It’s… Continue Reading »

Disability rights groups advocate barrier-free housing in Taipei

Asia-Pacific, August 9 2011

Taipei, Taiwan: Affordable housing units should be built with barrier-free facilities to meet the need of physically disabled people, several disability rights organizations urged yesterday in Taipei. During a press conference held yesterday in the Legislative Yuan, opposition Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Huang Sue-ying said the government has recently concluded… Continue Reading »

New version of NVDA screen reader released

News, August 9 2011

NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) 2011.2 has been released by NV Access, the free and open source screen reader for Microsoft Windows is now available for download. It enables blind people to access computers running Microsoft Windows for no cost. Major features include support for over 20 languages and the ability… Continue Reading »

Accessibility for disabled people a major problem at JNU

Asia-Pacific, August 9 2011

New Delhi, India: At Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), it may be easy getting admission, but for disabled students accessibility is key issue. Akshansh Gupta, 28 a PhD student with physical disability since birth and cannot move around without assistance. He is also unable to push his own wheelchair. His attendant,… Continue Reading »

Emirati man designed ‘iMouse’ software controls computer with facial movements

Middle East, August 8 2011

Dubai, UAE: An Emirati man has designed a computer mouse that uses facial recognition technology to allow disabled people to use computers. The iMouse software automatically detects and tracks eye, head and nose movements to control the mouse cursor. “Through our software, we can help people with disabilities to be… Continue Reading »

Frustrating, dangerous DC Metro problems for disabled people

Americas, August 8 2011

Washington, DC: From the seat of her electric wheelchair, Rochelle Harrod pressed the button of an elevator on the north side of Metro’s New Carrollton station. Nothing. She pressed it again. Nothing. No sign explained it was out of service. She looked around in vain for someone nearby to help. No… Continue Reading »

Federal funds help Toronto agencies improve accessibility

Americas, August 8 2011

Canada: Federal funding to help agencies and community groups to make their facilities more accessible to disabled people saw $400,000 go to nine agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, came to Toronto Friday morning to celebrate the funding, at one of… Continue Reading »

German tourist sites to improve access for people with disabilities

Europe, August 7 2011

The German tourism sector is full of historical landmarks strongly protected by the law – often a barrier to improving disability accessibility. But the free access of disabled people is on a steady upward path. In western Germany, on about 110 square kilometers of land that stretches to the Belgian… Continue Reading »

Nissan to provide 10 new accessible taxis to earthquake-hit areas in Japan

Asia-Pacific, August 6 2011

Yokohama, Japan: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will loan 10 units of its compact commercial vehicle, the NV200 Vanette Taxi, at no cost to several taxi operators in the Tohoku region of Japan to help improve public access to transportation in the areas affected by the recent major earthquake and natural… Continue Reading »

Manchester Airport launches new access guide for travelers with disabilities

Europe, August 5 2011

UK: Manchester Airport has launched a pioneering new access guide designed to provide disabled customers with all the information required to plan their journey through one of the UK’s busiest airports with confidence. The guide has been developed in partnership with disability organization DisabledGo who have over 10 years’ experience… Continue Reading »

Disability access poor for Saskatchewan voters with disabilities

Americas, August 5 2011

Saskatchewan, Canada: Saskatchewan’s chief electoral officer says the province is not doing enough to make voting more accessible for people with disabilities. David Wilkie said only a few of the 120 recommendations tabled in the legislature in 2009 will be in place by the time voters head to the polls… Continue Reading »

DPWH-NSFED orients engineers on Accessibility Law and Universal Design Concept

Asia-Pacific, August 5 2011

Catarman, Northern Samar, Philippines: As one of the three agencies of the government which undertakes major infrastructure projects, the primary task of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is to see to it that construction and establishment of buildings, institutions or public utilities must comply with the requirement… Continue Reading »

Ottawa bike lanes causing obstacle to people with disabilities

Americas, August 5 2011

Ottawa, Canada: The city of Ottawa says it is willing to alter the new segregated bike lanes on Laurier Avenue to make them more accessible to people with disabilities. The problem is the cement curbs that line the bike lanes are proving to be a barrier for people with disabilities.… Continue Reading »

People with disabilities denied access to public places in Muscat city

Middle East, August 5 2011

Muscat, Oman:  “A country’s emphasis on disability access at public places is usually an accurate indicator of the progress the country has made, both economically and in terms of human development,” said Ahmed al Badi. The 41 year old disabled telephone operator at Al Nahda Hospital has witnessed the economic… Continue Reading »

New RNIB guide to help museums and galleries enhance accessibility to blind visitors

Europe, August 4 2011

UK: The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has produced a new guide in order to help museums and galleries enhance accessibility to blind and partially-sighted visitors. Shifting Perspectives contains information on how organisations and attractions can adapt services and implement facilities to meet the demands of visually-impaired people.… Continue Reading »

Nationwide-Mobility introduces new bathing products for disabled people

Europe, August 4 2011

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK: Nationwide Mobility, known for coming up with safety bath products, has introduced new products related to disabled bath and showers. These products are especially directed at disabled people and at older people who may find it difficult to bath on their own. The innovative products from the… Continue Reading »

Mom, daughter with Down syndrome runs ‘TecAccess’ company to create accessible technology

Americas, August 4 2011

Debra Ruh’s life changed dramatically when her four-month-old daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. While the news was devastating, Ms. Ruh decided to turn her family’s challenge into a blessing and a redirection. Harnessing her technological expertise, Ruh started TecAccess, a company with the core mission of making Information… Continue Reading »

Medical engineers find a way for people to control homes with their minds

Europe, August 4 2011

Medical engineering company G Tec of Schiedlberg, Austria is developing a technology to do just that as part of a pan-European project called Smart Homes for All. If successful, the innovation can help people with disabilities like Lou Gehrig’s which leaves people severely paralyzed. Right now, 50 severely disabled people… Continue Reading »