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Ordnance Survey produces first maps for colour blind people

Europe, May 14 2011

UK: Colour blind people will soon be able to navigate the countryside with special maps created by Ordnance Survey. The maps, made with help from the Royal National Institute for the Blind, have one palette with shades that sufferers can see. Once drawn, they were put to the test by… Continue Reading »

Robotic wheelchair uses 3D imaging to 'see' for visually impaired drivers

Europe, May 13 2011

You may not be able to control it with your mind, but this robotic wheelchair from Sweden’s Luleå University of Technology can still offer something that only a few others can — “sight.” The chair uses a laser sensor to generate a 3D map of its surroundings, which is then… Continue Reading »

Smoke alarm designed for deaf people

Americas, May 12 2011

A deaf woman died in a house fire last month because she couldn’t hear her smoke alarm. Now thousands of hearing impaired people in the community are signing up to get emergency help. When fire and smoke filled Linda Mackey’s Woodbine home, she couldn’t hear her smoke alarms or her… Continue Reading »

No disabled access for Disability Week in eastern Turkey

Middle East, May 11 2011

ISTANBUL:  Turkish citizens with disabilities celebrating Disability Week from May 10-16 had difficulty attending the parade ground and the governor’s office in the eastern provinces of Erzurum and Sivas due to lack of disabled access. Wheelchair and battery powered car users were forced to wait on the sidelines, while those… Continue Reading »

Technology aids visually impaired veterans

Americas, May 10 2011

CHINA GROVE: The Southern Piedmont Chapter of The Blinded Veterans Association held an informational meeting at South China Grove United Methodist Church on Thursday. Following a fellowship meal furnished by the church, three vendors of technical equipment for visually impaired people showed and demonstrated their technology in small groups. Visually… Continue Reading »

Houston doubles fine for illegally parking designated for people with disabilities

Americas, May 6 2011

HOUSTON: It seems oh, so tempting. Parking spots meant for disabled people are often the closest and the most convenient. That’s why some able-bodied drivers take advantage of those spots. Starting Wednesday, if you are given a ticket, it will cost you more: more than double. We spent part of… Continue Reading »

New building standards to improve accessibility for Australians with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, May 4 2011

The Federal Government has announced the start of new building accessibility standards, which will ensure all new and upgraded public buildings in Australia will be accessible to people with a disabilities. The Disability (Access to Buildings – Premises) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards), which commenced May 1, is an important milestone… Continue Reading »

Cinemark and ALDA announce movie theatre accessibility for customers with hearing disabilities

Americas, May 3 2011

Cinemark, one of the world’s largest motion picture exhibitors, today announced that it will provide a closed captioning option for people with hearing disabilities in all of its first-run theatres.  Cinemark is installing captioning systems on a rolling basis across its circuit in conjunction with the chain’s conversion to an… Continue Reading »

Sharjah housing policy plans to make buidlings and houses accessible for people with disabilities

Middle East, May 2 2011

SHARJAH, UAE:  The Sharjah Housing Department, in coordination with the Public Works Department and Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, is planning to make it mandatory during construction of buildings and houses as well as government facilities, to make arrangements that facilitate easy accessibility for people with disabilities. The three departments… Continue Reading »

New Zealand Paralympian buys robotic legs

Asia-Pacific, May 1 2011

Nearly a year after unveiling the world’s first robotic legs for wheelchair users, Auckland company Rex Bionics has sold it’s first pair to New Zealand paralympian. Dave MacCalman, who sustained a spinal cord injury diving into a river while in the United States on a basketball scholarship has taken his… Continue Reading »

Accessible sidewalks for people with disabilities constructed in Jakarta

Asia-Pacific, April 30 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia: The Central Jakarta Administration is about to spend Rp 1.7 billion to provide pedestrian for disabled people. The lane will be constructed in September along 800 meters and 203 meters of wide. Central Jakarta Head of Public Works Agency Indrastuty Okita said the lane construction is city administration… Continue Reading »

Volunteers to build free access ramp for disabled people in Algona

Americas, April 28 2011

Algona residents James and Anna Ogar will watch volunteers from the Master Builders Care Foundation construct a free ramp for wheelchair user at their home on May 14 for the 18th annual Rampathon event. The event will bring hundreds of Master Builders Association member volunteers to construct free wheelchair ramps… Continue Reading »

Tokyo Haneda Airport sets "Universal Design" standards for barrier-free airports

Asia-Pacific, April 26 2011

Tokyo, Japan: The universal design principles incorporated into the passenger areas at Haneda Airport’s new international terminal have been acclaimed as world class and can serve as a blueprint for integrated “barrier-free” facilities in similar facilities around the world. So much thought has gone into the design of the airport,… Continue Reading »

Jakarta city urged to create disabled parking spots as part of bylaw

Asia-Pacific, April 26 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia: Beni Kusuma continues to drive despite a stroke that paralyzed him 20 years ago. He says that Jakarta discriminates against disabled people behind the wheel. Beni criticized top administration officials on Monday for not designating parking spots for disabled people. “Many public buildings have no special parking areas… Continue Reading »

“Most planned city in India” forgotten its disabled population

Asia-Pacific, April 25 2011

Chandigarh, India: Life is not easy for disabled people in Chandigarh, moreso if they plan to move around the city as they face several roadblocks everywhere. Whether it is enjoying the beauty of the parks or going out for shopping or simply commuting on their own, disabled people find it… Continue Reading »

UN disability representative prohibited by Swissair from boarding a flight

Europe, April 23 2011

European disability rights movements were flabbergasted on hearing that a high United Nations disability representative was prohibited by Swissair from boarding a flight that would have taken him from London to Geneva. The passenger, the UN Special Rapporteur on disability, Shuaib Chalklen, who is a wheelchair user, was not allowed… Continue Reading »

EU vows to improve travel rights for people with disabilities

Europe, April 22 2011

The European Commission vowed Wednesday to strengthen the travel rights of disabled people, after a UN disability expert who uses a wheelchair complained that he was barred from a Swiss airline flight. Shuaib Chalklen, the United Nations special rapporteur on disability, was told by the airline that he could not… Continue Reading »

Chinese website portal launched to ensure disabled people better access to public information

Asia-Pacific, April 21 2011

A Chinese website portal was launched Tuesday to provide the country’s nearly 83 million disabled people with better access to information services. Sponsored by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), the website, www.cdpsn.org.cn, is the country’s first national-level online portal specializing in serving the disabled. Besides publishing information regarding job… Continue Reading »

DLA Aviation migration to videophones for hearing impaired complete

Americas, April 20 2011

RICHMOND – Two years ago, DLA Aviation began the process of upgrading all of its deaf and hearing-impaired employees from the old and obsolete telephone typewriter, or TTY communications device to the more technically advanced videophones. Recently, the last three DLA Aviation deaf employees received their videophones, completing the issue… Continue Reading »

Airlines facing EU clampdown for refusing Travelers with Disabilities

Europe, April 19 2011

The EU is under pressure to enforce equality rules on airlines as increasing numbers of disabled people, including a UN disability rights monitor, are being refused travel because they are in a wheelchair. Shuaib Chalklen, the UN’s “special rapporteur on disability” has complained to the European Commission after he was… Continue Reading »