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Phillipsburg restaurant receives award for excellence in accessibility

Americas, October 11 2011

WHITE TOWNSHIP: The Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders declared October to be “Disability Awareness Month” as they recognized a Phillipsburg restaurant for its efforts to be accessible to all. La Bella Via, an Italian restaurant at Third and Broad streets, received the 2011 Thomas M. Kennedy Excellence in Accessibility… Continue Reading »

FCC moves to implement disability access regulations

Americas, October 11 2011

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will give companies two years to comply with new regulations to make advanced communications services accessible to people with disabilities. “As our reliance on technological innovations driven by broadband continues to enhance the way we communicate, this Order will ensure that people with disabilities are… Continue Reading »

New York city developer agrees to accessibility enhancements

Americas, October 11 2011

NEW YORK: The United States filed and simultaneously settled by consent decree a federal civil rights lawsuit in Manhattan federal court alleging that The Larkspur, a residential apartment complex that provides largely low- and middle-income housing in Manhattan, is inaccessible to persons with disabilities. The suit alleges that Larkspur, LLC,… Continue Reading »

Munich entrepreneurs developed new smartphone transcription service for people with hearing disabilities

Europe, October 10 2011

MUNICH, GERMANY: Two Munich-based social entrepreneurs have developed a new smartphone transcription service that allows people with hearing disabilities to communicate without relying on sign language or live interpreters. The motto for Michaela and Robin Nachtrab’s company could very well be ‘life with subtitles.’ Using technology they have developed over… Continue Reading »

New Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transport Terminal commended for being disabled-friendly

Asia-Pacific, October 10 2011

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA: The new Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) has achieved a 75% score on disabled-friendliness from a recent audit conducted by the Committee on Universal Design and Built Environment. Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the results were beyond satisfactory as the multi-transport… Continue Reading »

Toronto Transit Commission introduces new Metropass to assist blind people

Americas, October 10 2011

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is introducing a redesigned Metropass starting in November that will feature a “clipped” edge at the top-left corner of the pass. The new design was advocated by Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation (ACAT) to assist blind people transit users when entering the TTC through automatic… Continue Reading »

Taco Bell violated disability laws in California stores

Americas, October 10 2011

SAN FRANCISCO: A federal judge has ruled that Taco Bell violated federal and California laws protecting people with disabilities from discrimination at its restaurants. U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton in Oakland is now deciding what improvements the company must make to its 220 stores in California and how much the… Continue Reading »

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission introduces Braille version international human rights conventions

Africa, October 10 2011

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) introduced the Braille version handbook of international human rights conventions ratified by Ethiopia. The commission prepared a total of 256 Braille version documents of the international human rights conventions at a cost of 124,000 birr, according to Birhanu Abadi, EHRC’s Communication Information Directorate… Continue Reading »

Tobii PCEye brings hands-free control to PC

News, October 10 2011

The new Tobii PCEye is an easy to use, stand-alone eye control device that can be used with most personal computers. It is quick to set up, highly accurate and provides total control of your computer using only your eyes. Tobii PCEye, is a eye control unit, for users with… Continue Reading »

New parks in Chile accessible for children with disabilities

Americas, October 8 2011

A number of parks in boroughs around Chile’s capital are adopting designs and equipment to allow children with physical disabilities to enjoy the city’s public spaces. The “integrated park” idea seeks to provide universal access to public spaces, removing architectural barriers and facilitating the mobility of all people, regardless of… Continue Reading »

Property hunters with disabilities facing access crisis

Americas, October 8 2011

Toronto: Anecdotally, it was thought to be one of the only wheelchair accessible units available in Toronto, although there’s no way to know for sure. MLS.ca doesn’t have a search option for that. Located near downtown in the trendy Distillery District, the two-bedroom, two-bedroom unit featured roll-up counters in the kitchen… Continue Reading »

20 Ohio counties get grants to improve disability access at polling places

Americas, October 7 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio: Polling sites in 20 counties will get permanent upgrades to assist Ohio voters with disabilities under newly released federal grant money. Secretary of State Jon Husted said Tuesday that about $100,000 in grants will go to county boards of elections to improve access for voters with disabilities. The… Continue Reading »

ACD Assistive Technology Resource Fair

Americas, October 7 2011

The city of Naperville and the Advisory Commission on Disabilities (ACD) are hosting an Assistive Technology Resource Fair on Saturday, October 8, 2011, from noon – 4 p.m. at the Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street in Naperville. Assistive technology is utilized by people with disabilities in order to perform functions… Continue Reading »

AT&T introduces Mobile Accessibility Lite App for blind people

Americas, October 7 2011

DALLAS: AT&T customers who are blind or have low vision can now access and enjoy their Android device in a fully accessible way. Introducing AT&T Mobile Accessibility Lite, a custom version of the screen-access application, Mobile Accessibility, developed by Code Factory. The application features a suite of accessible apps so customers can… Continue Reading »

InvoTek wins da Vinci Award

Americas, October 6 2011

Alma-based InvoTek won a da Vinci Award for Communication and Educational Aids. The award honors innovative developments and research in adaptive and assistive technologies for people with disabilities from organizations around the globe. “We are honored and delighted to be selected from an international field of excellent firms,” Tom Jakobs, InvoTek’s president, said in… Continue Reading »

Disabled-friendly facilities in poor condition

Asia-Pacific, October 6 2011

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: Disabled-friendly facilities that are in a deplorable state tell a sad tale of apathy. I DON’T know what it is about hypermarkets and me lately, folks, but it seems that every time I visit one, the episode turns into a nightmare. Last weekend, I visited a hypermarket in… Continue Reading »

Wheelchair users sues Scarsdale, Yonkers malls over disability access

Americas, October 5 2011

Bronx, NY: A Bronx man who uses a wheelchair is accusing three Scarsdale and Yonkers shopping centers of discrimination, alleging each property has features that hinder disabled people. Modesto Hernandez has filed more than a dozen accessibility lawsuits in recent years, including against the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, the… Continue Reading »

Accessibility Awareness Day in Brighton

Americas, October 5 2011

BRIGHTON: Brighton municipal employees and councillors got a chance to walk and wheel in the shoes of others Sept. 30 by taking part in Accessibility Awareness Day. Mayor Mark Walas was joined by fellow councillors Mary Tadman and John Martinello as well as municipal employees, CAO Gayle Frost and Public… Continue Reading »

Bay Area Rapid Transit ramp project curbs wheelchair access

Americas, October 4 2011

Lafayette: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) officials spent $2 million on a new ramp leading to the Lafayette station but didn’t include provisions for wheelchairs to get from the parking lot to the access ramp. That’s not the only issue that might draw the ire of disabled-rights supporters. The south… Continue Reading »

DPWH-8 hosts orientation Seminar on Accessibility Law

Asia-Pacific, October 4 2011

Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines: The Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office No. VIII in coordination with the 4th Leyte Engineering District (LED), and the Ormoc City Engineering District recently hosted an Orientation/Seminar on Accessibility Law or Batasang Pambansa Bilang 344. More than 60 participants coming from the private… Continue Reading »