FEMA Works to Ensure Equal Access to All Disaster Survivors

Americas, Disaster, November 10 2017

Disaster Recovery Centers

ST. CROIX, VIRGIN ISLANDS: To ensure all U.S. Virgin Islanders have equal access to disaster assistance programs, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is coordinating with federal, territorial and local agencies as well as volunteer organizations to identify survivors’ needs and connect them with resources. “Disasters negatively affect everyone in… Continue Reading »

Workshop to Provide Vital Disaster Strategies for the Bay Area Disability Community

Americas, Disaster, October 26 2017

Earthquake Preparedness for persons with disabilities

SAN MATEO, CALIF.:  People with disabilities, their families, caregivers, seniors, wounded vets and healthcare professionals attending Abilities Expo (#AbilitiesExpo) on October 27-29, 2017 at the San Mateo County Event Center (Expo Hall) are eagerly anticipating the “Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities” workshop on October 27 at 1:00pm, as well as the opportunity to discover the latest products,… Continue Reading »

Disability Rights Advocates Calling for Emergency Preparedness Training at Key Airports

Americas, Disaster, October 20 2017

passengers boarding flight at airport

DENVER, CO: Nationally recognized airport security expert, Capt. LaPonda Fitchpatrick, and Associate Director of the Center for Disability and Health Policy, June Kailes, are joining airport workers in Denver to call for a whole community approach to emergency preparedness, including ensuring that passenger service workers are fully trained and paid liveable… Continue Reading »

Persons with disabilities emphasize need to involve in DRR programs

Asia-Pacific, Disaster, October 15 2017

PHILIPPINES: In its effort towards disaster risk reduction, persons with disabilities (PWDs) expressed the need to involve themselves in disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction programs. The secretary general of the World Blind Union Asia-Pacific Teddy Kahil, who is visually impaired, said Thursday last week that persons with disabilities are greatly affected… Continue Reading »

Natural Disasters Encourage Web Accessibility Discussion

Africa, Disaster, September 25 2017

Disability sign in place of enter key

PROVIDENCE, RI: The recent natural disasters of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have refocused the discussion on the need for universal web accessibility, particularly for those with a disability. Persons with disabilities need to have access to inclusive online apps and resources that not only keep them informed of weather conditions,… Continue Reading »

Leaving no one behind – achieving disability-inclusive disaster risk management

Americas, Disaster, September 19 2017

Natural hazard events can occur in any country, at any time. At present, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal are dealing with the aftermath of some of the worst monsoon flooding in years, which has left more than 1,200 people dead and millions homeless. At the same time, North America and the… Continue Reading »

NDMA seeks Kerala’s help to make disability-inclusive DRR

Asia-Pacific, Disaster, July 28 2017

An evacuation drill being conducted in Dong Phuoc village, Vietnam. Photo: Guilhem Alandry/doculab/Malteser International/UNISDR

KOLLAM: It was a special occasion for Kerala when it became the first state to launch a disaster preparedness training program for persons with disabilities. That was in May 2016. A year after, the state is again in the limelight. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which is in the… Continue Reading »

Survey on disability and climate resilience

Disaster, Europe, July 12 2017

Close-up of Businessman Filling Survey Form

UK: A survey has been launched by a group conducting research on disability and climate resilience for a project funded by the UK Department for International Development. As part of this research, they have developed a short online survey to determine organisational experience in implementing climate change-focused disability programmes and… Continue Reading »

Armenian emergency ministry launches ‘911 SOS’ for persons with disabilities

Disaster, Europe, June 23 2017

YEREVAN: Armenia’s ministry of emergency situations has  launched a free mobile application “911 SOS,” designed specifically for people with disabilities. In a press release the ministry said the application operates on iOS  and Android operating systems and described it as the best way for people with disabilities who get in… Continue Reading »

UN Women Factsheet on Leaving No One Behind

Americas, Disaster, April 19 2017

UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality produced a Factsheet building on its seven-year experience working with civil society supporting the transformation of marginalized groups into agents of change. An estimated 7% of the projects globally worked with women with disabilities. The Factsheet offers key insights into effective strategies for operationalizing… Continue Reading »

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