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    Emirati man designed ‘iMouse’ software controls computer with facial movements

    Dubai, UAE: An Emirati man has designed a computer mouse that uses facial recognition technology to allow disabled people to use computers. The iMouse software automatically detects and tracks eye, head and nose movements to control the mouse cursor. “Through our software, we can help people with disabilities to be integrated into society,” said Hashim… Continue Reading »

    People with disabilities denied access to public places in Muscat city

    Muscat, Oman:  “A country’s emphasis on disability access at public places is usually an accurate indicator of the progress the country has made, both economically and in terms of human development,” said Ahmed al Badi. The 41 year old disabled telephone operator at Al Nahda Hospital has witnessed the economic transformation of the sultanate from… Continue Reading »

    Israeli researchers develop a "virtual cane" for blind people

    JERUSALEM: A cane that works as a “virtual flashlight” to help blind people with spatial navigation was displayed at the Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. Developed by Amir Amedi of Medical Research Israel-Canada, and the Department of Medicine of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) , the device uses sensors to detect objects in the users… Continue Reading »

    Disabled voters fail to reach ballot boxes in absence of poor accessibility in Turkey

    ISTANBUL: The Supreme Election Board (YSK) did not apply a decision it had already passed to place ballot boxes on the ground floors of buildings so as to enable easy access for disabled voters and those over 75 in all schools, where voting for the national elections took place on Sunday. The Prime Ministry Administration… Continue Reading »

    UAE students invents virtual mouse to help disabled people

    Dubai: People with certain disabilities may now be able to become fully functional on a personal computer or laptop due to an invention by computer engineering student Sultan Ahmad Sultan Al Sharif. Al Sharif has developed software called the Virtual Mouse: Human Eye based Mouse Control as part of his final year project at Khalifa… Continue Reading »

    Israel public transportation companies under fire for not making buses blind-friendly

    The Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice has filed a criminal indictment against the bus companies “Egged” and “Kavim” for failing to make their buses accessible to blind people. The indictment against Eged was filed with the Haifa HaShalom Court and the lawsuit against Kavim… Continue Reading »

    No disabled access for Disability Week in eastern Turkey

    ISTANBUL:  Turkish citizens with disabilities celebrating Disability Week from May 10-16 had difficulty attending the parade ground and the governor’s office in the eastern provinces of Erzurum and Sivas due to lack of disabled access. Wheelchair and battery powered car users were forced to wait on the sidelines, while those with crutches participated in the… Continue Reading »

    Sharjah housing policy plans to make buidlings and houses accessible for people with disabilities

    SHARJAH, UAE:  The Sharjah Housing Department, in coordination with the Public Works Department and Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, is planning to make it mandatory during construction of buildings and houses as well as government facilities, to make arrangements that facilitate easy accessibility for people with disabilities. The three departments discussed the commitment to implement… Continue Reading »

    Ben-Gurion University may help disabled people use computers with thoughts

    Researchers announce their application of a unique computer pointing device, or mouse/keyboard replacement, to operate one’s computer. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers announced on Sunday their application of a unique computer pointing device, or mouse/keyboard replacement, to operate one’s computer. The student team, Ori Ossmy, Ofir Tam and Ariel Rozen, developed the application last… Continue Reading »