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    Beirut unfriendly city for people with disabilities

    BEIRUT, LEBANON: In recent months, the ministries of health and social affairs have been renewing their calls to implement the disability rights law of 2000, which is designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities. But a simple trip with Rita Maalouf demonstrates how little of the law has made it off the paper… Continue Reading »

    Accessible playgrounds in Israel

    ISRAEL: Disabled people have increasing accessibility to public parks in Israel. Recent projects, such as Friendship Park in Raanana near Tel Aviv, make the parks available for blind people as well as for people in wheelchairs. The nine-acre Friendship Park opened in 2005 and was the first accessible integrated park for children in Israel. Beit… Continue Reading »

    SSW Secretary General emphasized programs for blind women to use computers

    MANAMA, BAHRAIN: Supreme Council for Women’s (SCW) Secretary General Hala Al-Ansari emphasized that women’s support and empowerment programs under the supervision of the Supreme Council for Women will enable blind Bahraini women to use computers. The project shall be implemented by the Council under the national strategic plan for Bahraini women’s renaissance. Financing comes from… Continue Reading »

    Tourist restaurants in Jordan will become more accessible for people with disabilities

    AMMAN, JORDAN: Around 800 tourist restaurants in the Kingdom will become more accessible for people with disabilities under a memorandum of understanding signed on Monday. Eateries that are members of the Jordan Restaurants Association (JRA) will implement the necessary structural modifications to meet the requirements of the special building code for people with disabilities accessibility,… Continue Reading »

    Oman issues poll manual for people with disabilities

    MUSCAT: Oman’s Ministry of Social Development issued an electoral manual for people with disabilities even as a few days are left for elections to the Majlis A’Shura seventh term. The Directorate General of Social Welfare, a wing of the Social Development Ministry, issued this electoral manual under the title ‘Help Me to Practice My Electoral… Continue Reading »

    Are You Interested in Representing Your Country for the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES)?

    GAATES is seeking Country Representatives to promote accessibility in your country and participate in the Global Alliance. GAATES is the leading international organization focusing on accessibility of the built environment, transportation, information and communications technologies and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Please submit your applications for consideration. Applications will be… Continue Reading »

    Sharjah Museums Department launches new initiative 'Sharjah Museums are Accessible for All'

    Sharjah: As part of the Sharjah Museums Department’s ,the Community and Accessibility Services of the Department of Interpretation and Education has launched a new initiative, titled ‘Sharjah Museums are Available to All’ which aims to acquaint social care and special needs centers with its new educational programs for 2011-2012. The department organized a series of… Continue Reading »

    Abu Dhabi Government website accessible for people with disabilities

    Abu Dhabi: User experience consultancy User Vision has just completed a long term contract to make Abu Dhabi government websites more accessible for people with disabilities. The project, part of the Abu Dhabi Government Modernisation Initiative, was the first of its kind in the region and underlines the government’s active interest in web accessibility and… Continue Reading »

    Abu Dhabi police urged motorists not to use parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities

    Abu Dhabi, UAE: The total number of traffic violations issued by the Abu Dhabi Police for the wrong parking such as in front of  the fire hoses and ambulance vehicles reached 2,302 violations in the the first half of this year. The Traffic and Patrol Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, called on motorists not to… Continue Reading »