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    Israel’s Education Ministry funds aides for children with disabilities

    Children with disabilities to start kindergarten aged 3-5 just like their peers; move comes after years of parental, rights group pressure. Hundreds of children with disabilities aged between three and five will be able to start kindergarten on August 27 just like their peers, thanks to a decision finally reached Wednesday by the Education Ministry.… Continue Reading »

    Saudi deaf students face limited university courses to study

    “My daughter has disability, but she is also very ambitious,” said Nae’ema, mother of 17-year-old Noura. Noura was born partially deaf, but that did not hold her back from scoring high marks at school and pursuing her dream to become a lawyer. Yet, when Nae’ema came to Riyadh from another province to apply for the… Continue Reading »

    Government of Oman Adopts eAccessibility

    The Information Technology Authority (ITA) Sultanate of Oman invited me to visit Muscat, Oman recently to help them draft an eAccessibility Policy.  It was an amazing experience and surprised in the eagerness to not only comply, but to raise the bar in eAccessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilities and senior citizens. I met with many of the stakeholders… Continue Reading »

    Public places fail to maintain communication with deaf people in Turkey

    ISTANBUL: People with hearing disabilities report facing difficulties in hospitals and other public institutions, such as courts and schools, as there are no staff members able to communicate in sign language available at these agencies. People who are deaf or hard of hearing complain of a lack of staff in public institutions trained to communicate… Continue Reading »

    Accessibility for persons with disabilities still not achieved in Turkey

    ISTANBUL: Although there have been some efforts to provide full access to public facilities for persons with disabilities of Turkey, this goal has not been comprehensively achieved, leaving many persons with disabilities to face ongoing difficulties. Accessibility for persons with disabilities has always been a hot issue in Turkey. In 2005, in a major effort to address… Continue Reading »

    90% of public swimming pools inaccessible to persons with disabilities: Access Israel Report

    NGO Access Israel report says vast majority of facilities are partially or completely inaccessible to persons with disabilities. With temperatures expecting to surge in the coming days, most of the country will most likely make their way to the beach or one of the many public swimming pools. However, for thousands of people with physical… Continue Reading »

    Sharjah Islamic Bank launches first accessible ATM for blind people

    SHARJAH: Sharjah Islamic Bank announced on July 3 the launch of the first accessible Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for people with vision disabilities in the country and the region. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Emirates Association for the Blind in Sharjah, under the patronage of Sheikha Jamila bint Mohammed… Continue Reading »

    Dubai Autism Center launches Assistive Technology and AAC program for children with autism

    Dubai Autism Center (DAC) launched the second phase of the Assistive Technology and the Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) program which enhance the various communication skills of children with Autism. The program goes in line with the latest international practices in the field of speech and communication therapy. It presents new equipments, tools and technology software… Continue Reading »

    Turkish streets remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities

    ISTANBUL: July 7 is the last day of a seven-year timeframe provided in law for Turkey’s public domains to be made accessible for persons with disabilities; however, not much has changed to make it easy for persons with disabilities to live in this country. At most, a 10 percent compliance with the law has been… Continue Reading »