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    Qatar to launch campaign to raise awareness of athletes with disabilities

    Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) secretary general HE Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman al-Thani joined  Qatar Paralympic Committee (QPC) secretary general Hassan al-Ansari, Sasol and the South African Paralympic Basketball team (WSBA) to launch the ‘Being Disabled means being Definitely Able’ campaign, aimed at raising awareness of athletes with disabilities and inspiring young people with disabilities in… Continue Reading »

    New Store in Israel integrates persons with disabilities

    Tel Aviv: A new store which opened this month in Tel Aviv contains gifts and objects made by artists and craftsmen with disabilities. The store, Kelim Sheluvim, located on 229 Dizengoff Street (corner of Basel), is the result of a project by the Israeli organization Shikum Acher (lit. Different Rehabilitation) and is supported by the Israel… Continue Reading »

    Sharjah Museums Department opens its museums to persons with disabilities

    As part of a series of an educational programme recently launched by the Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) under the theme ‘Sharjah Museums Are Accessible for All‘, the Community and Accessibility Service at SMD’s Department of Interpretation and Education organized a specially designed workshop for elderly people at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. Held on 16 May,… Continue Reading »

    Kuwait International Conference on ICT for Persons with Disabilities

    KUWAIT: Representative of His Highness the Amir, Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Nayef al-Hajraf inaugurated here Sunday the International Conference for information and communication technology for persons with disabilities and people with learning disabilities which will be held under the banner “A Better Life with Technology”. Al-Hajraf, also Chairman of the… Continue Reading »

    Israel’s Tourism Ministry improves accessibility for persons with disabilities

    ISRAEL: British-born Israeli Steve Bloomberg will never forget the unpleasant experience he had a few months ago while visiting the northern city of Tiberius on the shores of Lake Kinneret. “All I wanted to do was use the bathroom,” he begins. “But after trying a few places, I discovered that the city center, which is… Continue Reading »

    Cooking workshop allows blind people to cook in Israel

    A unique cooking workshop for people who are  blind and low vision took place this week, for the first time in Israel. The workshop was organized by the volunteer organization Lions and was held in the “Cooking Experience” center, which specializes in cooking workshops for purposes of both fun and learning. Each of the 16 participants… Continue Reading »

    Israel public radio produces live streams for people with hearing disabilities

    ISRAEL: There are approximately 700,000 people with hearing disabilities in Israel according to the Coalition of Associations for the Deaf. Some local television programs make provision for them by having a small on-screen image of a person talking sign-language in almost simultaneous translation of the sound. Up until today – Monday – people with hearing… Continue Reading »

    Qatar Telecom Qtel pushes accessibility agenda with Mada

    The “National Web Accreditation Program,” is a key initiative from Mada, which aims to contribute to making Qatar a regional leader in the field of e-accessibility. It recognizes organizations that have either exhibited a concrete commitment to a certain level of accessibility through their online resources. Qtel’s website will be offering an increasing range of… Continue Reading »

    Saudi corporation continues implementing "universal accessibility" across its operating companies and factories

    JEDDAH: As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and to ensure the mobility of employees and customers with disabilities within the various buildings and facilities of its operating companies and factories, The Savola Group began implementing the “Universal Accessibility” Project, which will be implemented in several stages. An agreement was signed with Almodon Urban… Continue Reading »