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    Qaderoon Network Offers its Services to All Businesses

    SAUDI ARABIA: Qaderoon Network launched its new services to its members and non-member organizations as part of its efforts to encourage businesses to include persons with disabilities on a wider scale in the business market. Additionally, this provides the best services and enrich the journey of businesses in the development of persons with disabilities inclusion in its… Continue Reading »

    Qaderoon Network Contributes to the Launch of “Guide for Business on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” Globally

    SAUDI ARABIA: Qaderoon Network issued the Arabic version of the Employers “Rights for Persons with Disabilities Guide”, which was developed jointly by the UN Global Compact and the ILO. The “Guide for business on the rights of persons with disabilities – How business can respect and support the rights of persons with disabilities and benefit from… Continue Reading »

    Asharqia Chamber Hosts Almarai on its Best Practices in Including Persons with Disabilities

    SAUDI ARABIA: Asharqia Chamber, in collaboration with Qaderoon Business Disability Network, hosted a meeting about Almarai Company’s experience in the inclusion of persons with disabilities on 19 July 2018, and in the presence of representatives from the business community and companies. Where Mr. Ali AL-Qahtani Nationalization Manager reviewed best practices implemented by Almarai Company to… Continue Reading »

    Savola Group Employees Learn About “Inclusive Communication”

    SAUDI ARABIA: Qaderoon organized a workshop on Disability Inclusive Communication in the Workplace at Savola Group Head office in Jeddah on Wednesday 11 July 2018. This workshop was designed for those responsible for internal and external communication at Savola Group, who need to ensure successful communication with their employees and customers with disabilities. The workshop… Continue Reading »

    Antalya Stays on Track for Sustainable Growth

    ANTALYA, TURKEY: Historic buildings and over 600 kilometers of sandy beaches make the city of Antalya one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. But a population boom is threatening to overwhelm the city’s transportation system—and dilute its image as a jewel of the Mediterranean. To strengthen Antalya’s sustainable future, the municipal government, with support from IFC,… Continue Reading »

    New Road Fuels Kazakhstan’s National Priorities

    ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN: Even though Almaty is no longer the capital of Kazakhstan—the seat of government shifted north two decades ago—it has remained the nation’s financial hub, the largest city, and a magnet for tourists and business travelers from the around the world. As a result, Almaty is also known for its traffic. With around 2 million… Continue Reading »

    Qaderoon Members Express their Support for Persons with Sickle Cell Anemia

    SAUDI ARABIA: Qaderoon Network, along with its members Tamer Group and Saudi Airlines Catering, supported persons with Sickle Cell Anemia on social media, in alignment with the International Day for Sickle Cell Anemia on June 19th, 2018.  The post – developed as an infographic – aimed at sharing general information and examples of accommodation services… Continue Reading »

    June 2018 Entrepreneurs Conference “From Start-up Nation to Impact Nation”

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: The June 2018 Entrepreneurs Conference “From Start-up Nation to Impact Nation” featured a students’ Assistive Technologies competition where Moshe Gaon, Founder and CEO of yoocan technologies was invited to judge and shared his vision about impact investments and the social impact tech world. “Social investment models have enormous economic potential, but there are still… Continue Reading »

    Tamer Group Ensures the Inclusion of its Employees with Hearing Disabilities During its Ramadan Iftars

    SAUDI ARABIA: Expressing its commitment towards disability inclusion within its work environment and culture, Tamer Group ensured the provision of sign language interpreters during its Ramadan Iftars in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. These Iftar gatherings were attended by Tamer employees from different cities around the Kingdom and included the attendance of employees with hearing disabilities.… Continue Reading »