• Built Environment

    Seoul to make tourism accessible for persons with disabilities

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government vowed Tuesday to make tourism resources in the capital equally accessible to people with physical disabilities. During a press conference, the city announced it will spend 15.2 billion won ($13.3 million) over the next five years starting from next year to improve infrastructure and communication and train personnel to accommodate them.… Continue Reading »

    GAATES paving the way for an accessible Dubai

    In 2016 the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) was selected as the world’s leading experts in accessibility of the built environment and transportation by the Emirate of Dubai. GAATES, a Canadian based NGO, assembled an international team of over 25 accessibility experts to implement a universally designed city in preparation for the… Continue Reading »

    Accessible Water Park Opens in San Antonio

    SAN ANTONIO, TX: San Antonio’s array of attractions and historic sites, partnered with its dedication to accessibility, is making the destination one of the leading options for vacationers with disabilities. While attractions like Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first ultra-accessible theme park, are a big draw for vacationers seeking accessible options, visitors also will find that… Continue Reading »

    Helping retailers in Ontario improve accessibility

    TORONTO: As part of an EnAbling Change project with the Government of Ontario, Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has developed a retail-specific Workshop and Webinar series to help retailers know what they need to do to comply with legislation that aims to improve accessibility in areas that impact the daily lives of people with disabilities.… Continue Reading »

    UH helping California national parks become more accessible for people who are blind

    In their continuing efforts to “audio describe the world,” researchers at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa will collaborate with Google, the American Council of the Blind and the National Park Service to audio describe print brochures at 15 park sites throughout California. This latest phase of the UniDescription project will focus on description of the primary print… Continue Reading »

    Ministry Launches Indian National Anthem Video in Sign Language

    NEW DELHI: The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry on Thursday launched an Indian National Anthem video in sign language, featuring people with disabilities. Directed by veteran filmmaker Govind Nihalani, the video features film star Amitabh Bachchan apart from the children who sing the National Anthem in sign language against the backdrop of the Red Fort,… Continue Reading »

    Persons with disabilities not to be left behind in smart cities

    HYDERABAD, INDIA:  Will persons with disabilities, the much neglected lot in society get due access to basic public utilities in the evolving ‘Smart Cities’ in India? The answer seems to be a hopeful yes. At least 100 buildings each in 50 cities will be made accessible in a couple of years. These are part of… Continue Reading »

    Rules on parking lots for persons with disabilities set to be tightened in Singapore

    SINGAPORE: Demand is going up for accessible car-park lots reserved for persons with disabilities, and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will be revising the parking scheme to narrow down the pool of users. From Nov 1, those using less “bulky” mobility aids such as crutches and quad-sticks will no longer qualify for… Continue Reading »

    Dubai hospitals must improve accessibility within six months

    DUBAI: The dream of a city with access for all has moved closer to reality with public hospitals the latest buildings to be given an ultimatum to improve their disabled access under the Dubai Disability Strategy 2020 (DDS). All private healthcare facilities in the emirate have been given six months to alter their facilities to… Continue Reading »