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    Japanese healthcare robot RIBA II lifts patients from bed to wheelchair

    RIBA-II, the next generation Japanese healthcare robot developed by researchers at RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), a Japanese government-run research body that surveyed nursing homes to find that lifting patients was the most tiring thing for workers, carried out an average of 40 times every day. RIBA II robot will benefit healthcare workers as… Continue Reading »

    Auckland theatres provide accessible services for people with disabilities

    Auckland, NZ: Through technology and some more traditional techniques, the world of live theatre is opening up to a whole new audience. The Edge, who run the Aotea Centre, Auckland Town Hall, The Civic and Aotea Square, are making it possible for blind  and deaf people, to enjoy live performances through the Signal programme. After… Continue Reading »

    Policies to improve accessibility for disabled people ‘not implemented properly’ in Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The federal government has all the laws and policies in place to increase the accessibility to public facilities for disabled people but these are not being implemented properly. “We are not happy with this, but are pushing very hard for these amenities to be provided for the community. We are engaging the… Continue Reading »

    People with disabilities call for better access to city public transport

    Beijing, China: The departure station on the ticket reads “full price” and the destination “half price”. The 1-meter-long handmade ticket was displayed in front of the Ministry of Railways by a disabled man to highlight the fact that Beijing lags well behind many other Chinese cities that have introduced favorable measures to make public transport… Continue Reading »

    Blind woman fights for discrimination-free travel

    Jakarta, Indonesia: Eight months have passed, but the words remain as clear as ever in Rina Prasarani’s head. “If something happens to you, we will not be responsible,” a Lion Air flight attendant told Rina on a flight from Jakarta to Denpasar in December, as the crew forced her to sign a statement relieving them… Continue Reading »

    Japan Accessible Tourism Center launched website for tourist with disabilities

    More and more people with disabilities or elderly people are travelling in Japan. There is plenty of accessibility information available in Japanese, but if you are a foreign tourist with disabilities wishing to visit Japan, very little information available related to accessibility, language is the barrier to find accessibility information for foreign tourist with disabilities. In… Continue Reading »

    Disability rights groups advocate barrier-free housing in Taipei

    Taipei, Taiwan: Affordable housing units should be built with barrier-free facilities to meet the need of physically disabled people, several disability rights organizations urged yesterday in Taipei. During a press conference held yesterday in the Legislative Yuan, opposition Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Huang Sue-ying said the government has recently concluded the bidding process for builders… Continue Reading »

    Accessibility for disabled people a major problem at JNU

    New Delhi, India: At Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), it may be easy getting admission, but for disabled students accessibility is key issue. Akshansh Gupta, 28 a PhD student with physical disability since birth and cannot move around without assistance. He is also unable to push his own wheelchair. His attendant, Mahajan carries him around the… Continue Reading »

    Nissan to provide 10 new accessible taxis to earthquake-hit areas in Japan

    Yokohama, Japan: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will loan 10 units of its compact commercial vehicle, the NV200 Vanette Taxi, at no cost to several taxi operators in the Tohoku region of Japan to help improve public access to transportation in the areas affected by the recent major earthquake and natural disasters. The taxi companies have… Continue Reading »