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    Amusement Park for people with disabilities opens in Texas

    SAN ANTONIO –  The carousel has chariots for wheelchairs. Braille games decorate side panels on the jungle gym. And table-high sandboxes allow just about any kid to build a castle. Morgan’s Wonderland aims to offer everything a special-needs guest might enjoy at a theme park — while appealing to non-disabled visitors too. “If it wasn’t… Continue Reading »

    MBNA empowers consumers with disabilities with eSSENTIAL Accessibility

    MBNA Canada Bank (MBNA), Canada’s largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards, announced today a new alliance with eSSENTIAL Accessibility™ to feature assistive technology that extends the bank’s online services to Canadians with physical disabilities. It is part of a Disability Community Involvement initiative sponsored by March of Dimes Canada. eSSENTIAL Accessibility™ and March of Dimes… Continue Reading »

    Smoke alarm designed for deaf people

    A deaf woman died in a house fire last month because she couldn’t hear her smoke alarm. Now thousands of hearing impaired people in the community are signing up to get emergency help. When fire and smoke filled Linda Mackey’s Woodbine home, she couldn’t hear her smoke alarms or her sons’ screams as they tried… Continue Reading »

    Technology aids visually impaired veterans

    CHINA GROVE: The Southern Piedmont Chapter of The Blinded Veterans Association held an informational meeting at South China Grove United Methodist Church on Thursday. Following a fellowship meal furnished by the church, three vendors of technical equipment for visually impaired people showed and demonstrated their technology in small groups. Visually impaired people of the area… Continue Reading »

    Houston doubles fine for illegally parking designated for people with disabilities

    HOUSTON: It seems oh, so tempting. Parking spots meant for disabled people are often the closest and the most convenient. That’s why some able-bodied drivers take advantage of those spots. Starting Wednesday, if you are given a ticket, it will cost you more: more than double. We spent part of the day with parking enforcement… Continue Reading »

    Cinemark and ALDA announce movie theatre accessibility for customers with hearing disabilities

    Cinemark, one of the world’s largest motion picture exhibitors, today announced that it will provide a closed captioning option for people with hearing disabilities in all of its first-run theatres.  Cinemark is installing captioning systems on a rolling basis across its circuit in conjunction with the chain’s conversion to an all-digital format.  Installation started early… Continue Reading »

    Volunteers to build free access ramp for disabled people in Algona

    Algona residents James and Anna Ogar will watch volunteers from the Master Builders Care Foundation construct a free ramp for wheelchair user at their home on May 14 for the 18th annual Rampathon event. The event will bring hundreds of Master Builders Association member volunteers to construct free wheelchair ramps for disabled people, low-income homeowners… Continue Reading »

    DLA Aviation migration to videophones for hearing impaired complete

    RICHMOND – Two years ago, DLA Aviation began the process of upgrading all of its deaf and hearing-impaired employees from the old and obsolete telephone typewriter, or TTY communications device to the more technically advanced videophones. Recently, the last three DLA Aviation deaf employees received their videophones, completing the issue of the phones to all… Continue Reading »

    New audible pedestrian signal installed for blind people at BSU

    Boise, ID USA: People with impaired vision have some new high-tech help crossing the street on the Boise State University (BSU) campus. The audible pedestrian crossings are at University Drive and Lincoln Avenue, and at University and Joyce. “Automobiles have become so much quieter and intersection crossings have become more complex. This combination has made… Continue Reading »