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    W3C Project targets accessible web content authoring tools

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been busy making the web a more accessible place. In focus today is a project dubbed the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) — it aims to help software vendors make better web content authoring and management tools, including WYSIWYG editors, word processors and web content management systems. The Authoring… Continue Reading »

    Raleigh cab drivers worry about new accessible transportation contract

    Raleigh, NC: A contract with MV Transportation for services for people with disabilities is on hold after some raised questions about its effect on local cab drivers. The $1.7 million contract, which was up for approval at the council’s Aug. 2 meeting, was referred to committee after Councilor Eugene Weeks questioned the effects on taxi… Continue Reading »

    Robot helps disabled man towards independence

    It’s been 10 years since Henry Evans has been able to perform some of the simplest of tasks, like scratching his face, shaving, putting objects into a drawer. Now, with the help of a personal robot, he can. At 40, Evans, a father of four with an MBA and a career in finance, had a brain… Continue Reading »

    Global M-Enabling Summit on mobile applications and services for seniors and persons with disabilities

    Washington, DC: The M-Enabling Summit, Global Summit for mobile applications and services for seniors and persons with disabilities will be held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the Washington, DC, December 5-6, 2011, is the first global program dedicated to participants in the emerging ecosystem for mobile accessible and assistive technologies, applications and… Continue Reading »

    Device connects hearing impaired patients and doctors

    Albany, GA: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital now has a device that will help communication between their hearing impaired and Spanish-speaking patients. Imagine you are a patient trying to communicate your needs to a doctor, but they can’t understand you. A new machine could fix that. The Language Line Rover puts patients and doctors in touch… Continue Reading »

    Blind person advocates say more audible crosswalks needed

    Bakersfield, Calif. : Anthony Rodriguez can’t see the crosswalk button. He can only feel it, and at certain intersections, he can hear it. Rodriguez is a blind person. But Rodriguez doesn’t let his lack of an eyesight stop him from walking around town, because walking is something he has to do everyday. On Wednesday, Rodriguez… Continue Reading »

    US banks to ensure ATM accessibility mandated by Americans with Disabilities Act

    Level Four Software today confirms that by January 2012, its BRIDGE:test product will enable financial institutions and ATM deplorers to conduct fully automated end to end testing of new voice guidance functionality at the ATM. This critical step will help banks to ensure their ATM network meets new legal requirements from the Americans Disability Act… Continue Reading »

    eDateAbility.com new dating website for people with disabilities

    Tampa, Florida: For most people, finding love is hard enough. Now imagine trying to do that when you’re in your house because of a disability. It’s a challenge millions of disabled people face every day. But a new website, founded by an Orlando woman, is trying to change that. It’s called eDateAbility.com, and it was… Continue Reading »

    Frustrating, dangerous DC Metro problems for disabled people

    Washington, DC: From the seat of her electric wheelchair, Rochelle Harrod pressed the button of an elevator on the north side of Metro’s New Carrollton station. Nothing. She pressed it again. Nothing. No sign explained it was out of service. She looked around in vain for someone nearby to help. No luck. Harrod, 33, was born… Continue Reading »