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    Textphone installed for deaf people outside Naperville Police Department

    Naperville, IL, US: A textphone, also referred to as a TTY, has been installed in conjunction with the outdoor emergency phone at the front door of the Naperville Police Station at 1350 Aurora Ave. This device enables persons with disabilities to contact 911 when the front lobby of the Police Department is closed on nights,… Continue Reading »

    Learning Ally audiobook player brings accessible books to apple devices for people with disabilities

    Princeton, NJ: Learning Ally, a 63-year old nonprofit organization serving over 300,000 individuals across the U.S. with learning differences, visual impairment and reading disabilities, has released an upgrade of its popular iOS application, which enables the entire Learning Ally library of downloadable DAISY-formatted audiobooks to be played on Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and… Continue Reading »

    Marvel launches DAREDEVIL audiobook with visually impaired fans in mind

    Marvel has just announced that its superhero Daredevil – aka blind attorney Matt Murdock, is coming to fans in audio form. The Man Without Fear is now also The Man With an Audiobook. Daredevil #1 Audio Edition was the braindchild of Marvel senior editor Steve Wacker, who says he and writer Mark Waid wanted to… Continue Reading »

    ACB and Google conduct survey to better understand computer usage and assistive technology patterns in blind community

    Arlington, Va.: The American Council of the Blind (ACB) announced it will be working with Google Inc. to survey blind, and deaf-blind people to better understand how they use computers and assistive technology to access information. “Having access to information through the use of accessible technology is paramount in this day and age for education, employment… Continue Reading »

    Saipan Governor creates new office for accessible public transportation

    Saipan: Gov. Benigno R. Fitial established last week a new office within the Office of the Governor to develop a viable public transportation system as mandated by a law he signed in May-a move which will also result in the abolition of the Office of Disability Policy and Programs by Oct. 1. The CNMI does… Continue Reading »

    Livescribe SmartPen helps students with physical and learning disabilities

    When the UC Berkeley Disabled Students Program started a pilot test providing Livescribe computerized pens to students with learning disabilities, I School students volunteered to evaluate whether the pens could improve student learning and substitute for companion notetakers. “Initially, the DSP was hoping that the use of the pen would lessen the students’ reliance on hired… Continue Reading »

    Marsh-Access Program model for parks with enhanced accessibility for people with disabilities

    Lyndhurst, NJ, US: The Marsh-Access Program at the Meadow­lands Environment Center has a novel mission: Meet the needs of all learners, particularly people with disabilities. And its Marsh Discovery Trail allows people with disabilities to engage all five senses in exploring the Meadowlands on an obstacle­free path laden with aids. For Michele Daly, director of… Continue Reading »

    AbleNet announced TalkTrac communication device for children with autism

    AbleNet announced the reintroduction of TalkTrac to its extensive line of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices. AbleNet is an international company in providing educational and technical solutions to help children and adults with disabilities lead productive and fulfilled lives. TalkTrac wearable communicator device is featuring four messages and two levels for a total of… Continue Reading »

    RAFT partners with Stanford to create math kit designed for students with disabilities

    Palo Alto, CA: A joint initiative between Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) and students in Stanford’s “Perspectives in Assistive Technology ” class has resulted in a prototype for a math kit designed for students with disabilities. The class explores in depth the process of creating technology that benefits people with disabilities. The math kit is one… Continue Reading »