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    eDateAbility.com new dating website for people with disabilities

    Tampa, Florida: For most people, finding love is hard enough. Now imagine trying to do that when you’re in your house because of a disability. It’s a challenge millions of disabled people face every day. But a new website, founded by an Orlando woman, is trying to change that. It’s called eDateAbility.com, and it was… Continue Reading »

    Frustrating, dangerous DC Metro problems for disabled people

    Washington, DC: From the seat of her electric wheelchair, Rochelle Harrod pressed the button of an elevator on the north side of Metro’s New Carrollton station. Nothing. She pressed it again. Nothing. No sign explained it was out of service. She looked around in vain for someone nearby to help. No luck. Harrod, 33, was born… Continue Reading »

    Federal funds help Toronto agencies improve accessibility

    Canada: Federal funding to help agencies and community groups to make their facilities more accessible to disabled people saw $400,000 go to nine agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, came to Toronto Friday morning to celebrate the funding, at one of the agencies – the Toronto… Continue Reading »

    Disability access poor for Saskatchewan voters with disabilities

    Saskatchewan, Canada: Saskatchewan’s chief electoral officer says the province is not doing enough to make voting more accessible for people with disabilities. David Wilkie said only a few of the 120 recommendations tabled in the legislature in 2009 will be in place by the time voters head to the polls this November. Wilkie said Elections… Continue Reading »

    Ottawa bike lanes causing obstacle to people with disabilities

    Ottawa, Canada: The city of Ottawa says it is willing to alter the new segregated bike lanes on Laurier Avenue to make them more accessible to people with disabilities. The problem is the cement curbs that line the bike lanes are proving to be a barrier for people with disabilities. With the barriers in place,… Continue Reading »

    Mom, daughter with Down syndrome runs ‘TecAccess’ company to create accessible technology

    Debra Ruh’s life changed dramatically when her four-month-old daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. While the news was devastating, Ms. Ruh decided to turn her family’s challenge into a blessing and a redirection. Harnessing her technological expertise, Ruh started TecAccess, a company with the core mission of making Information and Communication Technologies more accessible,… Continue Reading »

    Administration seeks to ensure information is accessible for people with disabilities

    US: The Obama administration is working to ensure that government information is accessible for people with disabilities, the White House announced in a statement last week. Accessibility is a critical element to protecting all Americans’ right to know, and the administration is right to seek to improve it. Specifically, the administration is drafting a strategic plan… Continue Reading »

    Colleges and Universities renewing focus on closed captioning in US

    US: The rapid growth of lecture capture and distance education in higher education is raising fresh concerns about accessibility, since it’s difficult-if not impossible-for hearing-impaired students to use these tools effectively. As a result, many colleges and universities are renewing their focus on closed captioning as a viable solution. While the impetus for closed captioning… Continue Reading »

    NASA releases new braille book with tactile diagrams for blind readers

    The book “Getting a Feel for Lunar Craters” was created with the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) and features tactile diagrams of the lunar surface designed to educate blind people about the wonders of Earth’s moon, according to NASA. David Hurd, a space science professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, is the book’s author. He… Continue Reading »