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    Brain-computer interface technology could help people who use wheelchairs

    Since the nineteen seventies, scientists have been searching for ways to link the brain with computers. Brain-computer interface, or BCI, technology could help people with disabilities send commands to machines. Recently, scientists demonstrated a small robotic vehicle directed by a person’s thoughts. The demonstration took place at the Swiss embassy in Washington. Jose Millan and… Continue Reading »

    Starline Los Angeles tour company sued over wheelchair access on buses

    HOLLYWOOD: The largest tour company in Los Angeles is facing a lawsuit. Starline Tours is accused of discriminating against people with disabilities. If you’ve been to Hollywood, you’ve likely seen the double-decker buses. Starline Tours has been shuttling sightseers around for decades, but are all tourists treated equally? Not according to a new lawsuit. It… Continue Reading »

    Flat Rock Playhouse in US offers audio description service for blind people

    Mar 28: Flat Rock Playhouse has created a new opportunity for blind people to have an enhanced theatre experience.  Sponsored by Asheville Eye Associates, the Playhouse will provide Audio Descriptive services during the final Saturday Matinee of nearly every 2011 Mainstage production. Audio Description is a verbal commentary that speaks “between the lines” to describe… Continue Reading »

    Bermuda Architect hopes to help improve accessibility

    Mar 27: Bermuda is praised for its beauty and unique architecture, but many residents and tourists face problems getting around. Disabled people in wheelchairs, moms with strollers, those with sight and hearing impairments and people with crutches often face obstacles in accessing buildings, bars and restaurants or even just heading down the sidewalk. As the… Continue Reading »

    Rotary promotes disability access in Canada

    Mar 25: Working out and improving fitness levels just got a little bit easier for those living with a disability in the North Cariboo, thanks to a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Quesnel. The gym at the Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation Centre is now home to an Evolv Easystand Glider after… Continue Reading »

    MLA motion would improve accessibility for disabled people in Canada

    EDMONTON, Canada, Mar 20: When Marlin Styner entertains friends at his Red Deer home, the guests rarely return the favour. They want to invite him over but their homes weren’t built to accommodate the powered wheelchair he uses since he broke his neck in 1981. Now one of his friends, Red Deer-South MLA Cal Dallas,… Continue Reading »

    EnableMart teams with Microsoft Accessibility to educate educators on accommodating students with disabilities

    Mar 16: Thousands of disabled persons and the people who care for them will flock to San Diego this week to attend the 26th Annual International Persons with Disabilities Conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt adjacent to Seaport Village. The conference, better known simply as CSUN to those in the know, is the premier conference… Continue Reading »

    New iPhone application helps people with visual disabilities to read American currency

    Mar 11: Many countries print their currencies in different sizes or shapes in order to help  blind people pay for things with greater confidence. In the U.S., however, a $1 bill and a $100 bill have exactly the same dimensions, making it difficult for America’s blind people to tell the difference. Here’s a new iphone… Continue Reading »

    People with disabilities fight for accessible taxis in New Haven

    Mar 03: Nearly a dozen wheelchair users crowded a state Department of Transportation hearing room last week in a plea to get accessible taxis in the New Haven and Bridgeport area. Dana Canebari, of New Haven, uses a walker and says she doesn’t use regular taxi service, because her walker won’t fit in a car.… Continue Reading »