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    Nigerian state buys accessible computers for students with disabilities

    ADO EKITI: The Ekiti State government at the weekend took delivery of N16 million worth of accessible computers for students with disabilities in public schools across the state. Similarly, the state said it would spend N6 billion for the procurement of learning materials for all the secondary school students in public schools in the next… Continue Reading »

    Absence of accessible public infrastructure worrying: GFD

    GHANA: The Ghana Federation of the Disabled (GFD) on Monday raised concerns over complete absence of accessible facilities for people with disabilities on foot bridges on the newly constructed N1 Highway and other public structures and institutions. It had therefore undertaken an advocacy action for the passage of the relevant Legislative Instrument (LI) to facilitate… Continue Reading »

    Ghana to organize ICT training for persons with disabilities

    LAGOS: The Chief Executive of Birim North District in Ghana Mavis Ama Frimpong has revealed that the Assembly would be organizing an Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) training for persons with disabilities. She said the training was in connection with Vice President John Dramani Mahama’s initiative to support persons with disabilities to have knowledge in… Continue Reading »

    African scholars challenging Bible publishers, distributors and translators to produce texts in Braille, sign language and audio

    NAIROBI, KENYA: Scholars from theological institutions in East Africa are challenging Bible publishers, distributors and translators to produce more texts in Braille, sign language and audio, in measures being proposed to improve training and integration of people with disabilities. The 30 academicians from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania gathered from 29 February to 1 March in… Continue Reading »

    Banks plan accessible branches in Nigeria

    The Central Bank of Nigeria in conjunction with the Bankers’ Committee is working on a policy that will ensure that every bank has in every town, at least one branch that is accessible for people with disabilities. Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi disclosed this yesterday when members of the Joint National Association… Continue Reading »

    Kenyans with disabilities cannot access courtrooms, Judge told

    An organization has filed a case seeking to compel the Judiciary to build ramps to allow people with physical disabilities access courtrooms. The executive director of Kenya Paraplegic Organization Timothy Wetangula and a police officer who was disabled by a road accident filed the case accusing the Judiciary of failing to recognize the needs of… Continue Reading »

    Rwanda Housing Authority sets deadline to equip buildings with easy access for people with disabilities

    The Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) has set the end of this year as deadline for owners of buildings to have specific access provisions for people with disabilities. They include specialized toilets, signage, designated parking spots closest to the entrance, and substitution to stairs and steps as well as provisions for blind people. In an interview… Continue Reading »

    Ghana Government to make N1 highway accessible for people with disabilities

    GHANA: Government is accessing a facility from Austria to erect foot bridges with ramps along the N1 highway to make it accessible for people with disabilities. President Mills assuring people with disabilities at the Commissioning of the highway. (Photo credit: GBC GHANA) The Minister of Roads and Highways, Joe Gidisu who made this known said… Continue Reading »

    Researchers developing easy-to-use web tools to automatically translate written text into sign language

    In Tunisia, researchers are developing easy-to-use web tools to automatically translate written text into sign language. In developing countries, the majority of deaf people are illiterate and cannot use mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages. Their preferred language is sign language according to a research paper by scientists from the University of Tunis. The WebSign project aims… Continue Reading »