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Barrier-Free Access Improves for China’s Disabled: Report

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, January 7 2020

A blue paper on efforts made for handicapped people shows improvements of barrier-free environment for the disabled. [Chinanews.com]

CHINA: China has on Sunday released a blue paper on efforts made for handicapped people, highlighting improvements in the barrier-free environment across the country. The Chinese Academy of Disability Data Sciences, the sole academy engaged in data on handicapped people in China, released the blue paper that was compiled by 29… Continue Reading »

New North Korea Law Requires Wheelchair Accessibility According to State Media Report

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, News, December 18 2019

NORTH KOREA: North Korea has adopted a bill requiring all buildings to be wheelchair accessible, according to state media.North Korea said the law would improve facilities for the disabled, Pyongyang’s state-controlled news agency KCNA reported Wednesday. “Construction regulation standardizing barrier-free buildings has been adopted,” KCNA said. The report added, “A barrier-free environment… Continue Reading »

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Launched Program to Improve Accessibility

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, Transportation, November 6 2019

THAILAND: The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has launched a program to improve flyovers in high-traffic areas with pedestrian crossings which will also include facilities to help the elderly safely cross Bangkok’s busy roads. The report says that road-crossing signals will be established along with flyovers with lifts for the elderly and… Continue Reading »

Course Aims to Provide Training to Create Accessible Homes

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, October 23 2019

Many people sitting around a table, some on a wheelchair.

INDIA: Vidya Sagar, the prominent Chennai NGO has finished a three-month course to create a pool of professionals who can support people with disabilities and the elderly to become independent in their homes. Accessibility in public spaces is coming in for attention and that’s needed and welcome. But what about accessibility… Continue Reading »

App Aims to Make Visual Contrast a Mainstream Concern in the Built Environment

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, October 21 2019

Get Luminance is a freely available App, with the intention of making visual contrast a mainstream concern and to achieve a safer more accessible environment for all users.

Get Luminance has been developed from research and provides an empirical basis for calculating luminance.  Get Luminance measures what is ‘seen’ by a photograph and reflects the conditions experienced by users.  It measures luminance in the prevailing light conditions, (rather than the pure colour with a controlled light source –… Continue Reading »

Province to Provide $1.4 Billion to Make Schools More Accessible

Americas, Built Environment, News, October 7 2019

Accessibility symbol of a wheelchair

CANADA: Ontario is making its education system more inclusive to help all students in York Region reach their full potential in an accessible and supportive learning environment. When the education system is not accessible, students are left out, impacting their participation  in the school experience. That is why Raymond Cho, Minister… Continue Reading »

Request for the United Nations to Create World Universal Accessibility Day

Built Environment, Europe, News, October 1 2019

six people on a stage

SPAIN: The Alliance for World Universal Accessibility Day, formed by FC Barcelona, the Barça Foundation, the ‘la Caixa’ Bank Foundation, Barcelona City Council and Mapp4all Universal Accessibility have put together a request that will be sent to the United Nations to ask the international organisation to declare 30 September as… Continue Reading »

University Launches New Six-year Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, News, Universal Design, September 27 2019

AUSTRALIA: The University of Sydney has reached an important milestone in inclusion and access for people with disability, with today’s launch of its Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2019-24 during Disability Inclusion Week.  The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2019-24 strengthens our commitment to protect staff, students and visitors with disability from discrimination and… Continue Reading »

How Gaming Technology is Helping Design More Accessible Homes

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, Universal Design, September 10 2019

A computer model of one of the accessible homes.

AUSTRALIA: A group of Perth university students and real estate agents have teamed up to design an accessible home using construction software inspired by the gaming industry, with the goal of raising awareness of the importance of creating universal affordable accommodation. Created for a Town of Victoria Park-owned site on Boundary… Continue Reading »

Myanmar Opens First Cafe Accessible for Persons with Hearing Impairment

Asia-Pacific, Built Environment, News, August 26 2019

MYANMAR: A first-ever private eatery run by staff with hearing impairment was opened in Myanmar’s Yangon earlier this month, creating a deaf-friendly environment. “The Able,” a sign language book cafe, is entirely staffed by six hearing-impaired persons from service staff to chef, to encourage disabled yet differently abled people to… Continue Reading »

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