New Digital ‘Accessibilitas’ Portal to Promote Universal Design

Europe, News, Universal Design, April 13 2020

Fundación ONCE and the Royal Board on Disability have just launched ‘Accessibilitas’, a digital platform designed to improve the universal design of spaces, goods and services and, therefore, aimed at people and institutions interested in making this goal a reality.
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The platform aims to promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge on universal accessibility and thus contribute to the creation of a more caring society, as indicated by Jesús Celada, director of the Royal Board on Disability and also general director of Government Disability Policies from Spain.
“A more caring society is one that invests in accessibility, only in this way will we avoid the exclusion of the most vulnerable in access to goods and services. ‘Accesibilitas’ is a compulsory consultation space for all professionals who want to be different and authentic, developing products with an added value that is as necessary as it is recognized: accessibility, ”says Celada.
Along the same lines, Jesús Hernández, director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation at the ONCE Foundation, points out that ‘Accessibilitas’ aims to be a support tool for all people and institutions interested in contributing a grain of sand to universal design and improving thus the full inclusion of citizens with disabilities.
From this perspective, the platform is especially aimed at all people whose professional practices can influence the accessibility of spaces. “In essence, there is room for any person and institution interested in contributing to universal design,” say the Royal Board of Trustees and the ONCE Foundation.
It has sections such as ‘News’, ‘Courses and workshops’, ‘Support products’, ‘Guides, manuals and studies’ or ‘Success stories’, where examples of well understood and correctly applied accessibility are shown so that they can serve of inspiration to organizations and people who take their first steps in this matter. It also allows you to download 3D support product designs.
In addition, the portal has a private area aimed in the first phase at public administrations, universities and non-profit organizations operating in Spain. Here you can access the UNE technical regulations on accessibility and specialized forums attended by experts, as well as broadcast events related to universal accessibility and design for all people.
Those interested in knowing the portal can go to

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