NGO Launches Country’s First Assistive Tech

Asia-Pacific, Assistive Technology, September 12 2019

INDIA: Samarthanam, a 22-year-old disability-focused NGO, has launched the country’s first assistive technology accelerator.

Assistive Technology Accelerator (ATA) has been working relentlessly towards creating more awareness about disability. Last month, ATA caught the attention of one of the top podcasters, Neil Patel, who featured it in the Indian Startup Show, a press statement from Samarthanam said.

Prateek Madhav, CEO, Assistive Technology Accelerator said, “As home to one of the largest populations of the disabled, we have an opportunity to develop solutions that not just impact lives locally, but also around the world. However, assistive technology remains an unknown segment.

AT Conclave is the first step towards building a more robust support system for these startups, and realise their full potential with like-minded investors, corporates and partners”.

Originally Published in The Hindu Business Line

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