Tactile Model Makes a Stadium Accessible to Persons with Visual Impairment

Americas, April 19 2019

The Tower and the 1976 Olympic Games Olympic Stadium, a symbol of the city of Montreal in Québec, Canada, can now be explored with the fingertips. They have been reproduced as a tactile model for people with visual disabilities, thanks to a collaboration between the Olympic Park, Kéroul and Tactile Studio.

This first project of its kind in Canada makes this architectural gem accessible to people with visual impairments, although an extremely large audience can also benefit from it.

The model will become an attractive experience for all visitors wishing to understand the architecture of the Olympic Stadium.

Maquette stade olympique aveugle

The installation is composed of three elements all tactile: the global view in low-relief, a plan view and a model. The global view locates the different elements on the Olympic site, the plan view demonstrates the spectacular composition of the Stadium, and the model allows to understand its elliptical shape, to touch its roof and discover the inclination of its tower

“This interpretation exercise, essential, is part of our efforts to open the Olympic Games park to a wider audience” says Michel Labrecque, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Olympic Park. “To make the unique architecture of the Olympic Stadium and its Tower understandable to a blind person is a challenge in itself; and that’s why we decided to join this project, and the result exceeds our expectations!” He concludes.

The design of the model was entrusted to Tactile Studio, installed for a year in Montreal, after having developed sensory accessibility solutions in France for ten years.

“Finally, we can reach the Olympic Stadium! The management of the Olympic Park has made an excellent decision by thinking about the different types of people with disabilities” added André Leclerc, CEO and founder of Kéroul. “We hope this model will inspire other institutions to develop projects of this kind. “

The tactile model of the highest inclined tower in the world is an innovative project that both enhances the accessibility of the site to people with disabilities, while enhancing the unique architecture of the Olympic site. This is a good example of a successful partnership to facilitate access for all to culture.

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