Launch of Mobile App To Teach Comprehensive Sexuality Education to Persons with Disabilities

Asia-Pacific, News, December 14 2018

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INDIA: A self-paced online course in Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Persons with Disabilities has been launched by Cross the Hurdles. This is first of its kind of initiative in India. The mobile App named Courses at Cross the Hurdles-A Free Learning App (, is on Google Play Store.

It also has a desktop website ( ). To access the course one has to be a registered user. Same registration work for desktop website and android app. It is a free course.
The idea behind developing such an App and website is that Comprehensive Sexuality Education is essential for persons with disabilities for their normal sexual development. Living with a disability, chronic illness, or chronic pain doesn’t make a person fundamentally sexually different from anyone. Learning about sexual health must be taken as a necessity rather than a luxury, for all of us. Right education and skill practice are significant in promoting healthy and mutually respectful behavior, regardless of ones abilities.
Unfortunately many young people, including those with disabilities, receive little or no formal sexual health education, either in school or at home.

While approaches to sexual health education and communication may vary, young people with disabilities need correct information and skills, and have the same rights as those without disabilities, to learn about self, relationship safety, and responsibility. People with disabilities need reassurance that they can have satisfying sexual relationships and practical guidance on how to do so.

This Self Paced Online Course that can be taken up by teens with disabilities, adults with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities and special educators.
There are self check assignments and worksheets with answers which can help the learners check their own understanding of the lessons. All the lessons have Audio Files attached to them. Many Activities and Worksheets are also Downloadable.
Source: Cross the Hurdles
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